The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, January 4, 2016

We Are Ready

We did the finishing touches today.  When students arrive there is a special welcome packet explaining where to find thing, the closest stores, how the bus and metro work, things they need to do to live comfortable at the Barlow with others, and the first things they need to do.  Then there is a granola bar and an apple.  I will pick up the apples tomorrow from Safeway.  They have them on sale.
I got the schedule together showing when each person arrives so we will be there are ready.

Tomorrow Scott comes and we will be with him a good share of the day as he goes through the building looking for things that need to be done or inspecting things that have been done.  My goal is that he can't find anything but he will.  He has asked us to reply to the mission for another two years.  But is will be time to join our family for awhile.

The cooking also begins.  I am going to do cup cakes and rice crispy squares for the student coming in the next two days.  I have Scott and our new assistant coming for dinner tomorrow.  I have refreshment for the world wide devotional on Sunday plus Elder Anthony invited the missionaries to dinner on Sunday.  Our first class is the next day and it is our lunch class.  So we are ready for the fun.

We took time today to make the last physical therapy class for Elder Anthony.  We will no longer be available at the time they have them because we teach on those days.  

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  1. How's dad's back doing? Is the physical therapy helping?

    I know that serving a mission is important and I am grateful for you example, but I am glad that you will be coming home...for a while at least.