The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Better Than This Morning

I love fast and testimony meeting in our ward.  It is always inspiring. Our new stake President was there he bore his testimony.  He said he has made it a goal to go to bed a better person than the person that got up in the morning.  So what has made your life better this day?  Going to my meetings today has made me a better person.  Our names were mentioned three times today in our testimony meeting.  I realized that young people are pondering on the things we talk about in class and I need to always be willing to make the sacrifice to make sure that my lessons are taught by the Spirit so that the Spirit can teach each person what they need to learn that day.   I am better today because I see that we are making a difference.

I am better today because of the great young people we had in our home for dinner.  We have two interns that are gluten intolerant so we couldn't have sour dough waffles.  We had BBQ beef and it was so good for a change.

We are better today because we read the Book of Mormon this morning and learned about Isaiah's prophecy that the house of Israel would have kings and queens to be their nursing fathers and mothers.

We are better today because we got to talk with three of our children and their families.  We have seen the Lord answer our prayers in sending Diana sister there to take care of Diana after she has this baby.  We have prayed that she would get her Visa and that it would come in the mail in time for her to come before this baby is born.  All those prayers have been answered and Ligia is able to be between work and can stay for a month.  The Lord has truly calmed my fears and concerns for Diana.

How are you better than you were this morning?

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  1. I wonder if you guys will ever eat waffles again when you get home.