The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Don't Get Political

Today was a very typical day.  We checked into the Barlow, taught, shopped, did laundry, cut Elder Anthony's hair, and cleaned.

We are counseled not to be political.  This is not our time to be political.  We are to be neutral.  However we live in a very political part of the United State.  We are surrounded with political parties and opinions.  We have never been more aware of what is happen politically in our entire lives.  It is sometime hard for Elder Anthony to be nonpolitical.  We do have some interesting talks among ourselves.  Yesterday we finished exercising. We watch the news stations when we do.  We finished our work out, went to the condo and finished getting ready to go without saying a word to each other.  That never happens.  We were not mad at each other.  I finally said was the news so bad today that we have nothing to say.  The news seemed that bad that you are left speechless.  Sometimes you have to back away because you get very discouraged.

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  1. It is discouraging right now. I felt the same way this week.