The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Suffer the little children to come

 This morning Elder Anthony went over to the Barlow just after 7 to let workers in. They were not there.  They tell you they will be there at that time but this is Washington and when we left at 9:35 they still were not there.  Lydia was in so he came back and assigned her to let them in.  Our maintenance lady has been out all week. So we hurried over  to empty garbage and getting the vacuuming done before we had to leave to teach our class.  When we got to the ward building 25 minutes early we already had a couple of people waiting.  Today was one of those days that we were in awe. We had five new students join us.  We had 21 mothers there and a million kids.  I can always feel the spirit when I teach these mothers.  It is an amazing occurrence.   It is a place of total chaos where the Spirit of the Lord is.  These women sacrifice to get their kid up and dressed and to make it to class and we are always reward with the Spirit.

After class we made our Costco run.  We are not having student for dinner this Sunday because it is a three day weekend and some of our students are going to New York.  So it made our shopping a little simpler.  

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