The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, March 13, 2016


It was cooler and raining today. It didn't start until we got home from Church so that was great.  This was a fairly typical Sabbath.  We wanted to have the Sister Missionaries in our ward over for dinner.  Transfers come up next week and I have been promising them that we would have them.  We had to miss our missionary meeting after church in order to feed them so they could get to the visitor center to work.  It was fun to have them in our home.  We are always blessed to have the missionaries in our condo.  These young ambassadors for the Lord carry a very strong spirit.  We also feel that with the Senior missionaries.  You don't notice it in yourself.  I made a new desert today for dinner.  I made flaun.  We have had it with Michael and Diana but I thought it was to difficult.  Actually it was pretty easy.

Elder Anthony going for seconds. 

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