The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, March 11, 2016


I love love love spring.  It was 68 today.  We worked inside all day but this evening we took the bus to go out and eat at the Cactus Cantina. We have not been to a Mexican restaurant in a long long time. The food was great.  We stopped at The Container Store to find rolling baskets to put under the mail boxes for packages.  After we got home we went for a walk.  The past three days of warm weather has started an explosion of flowers.  I saw the wild daffodils along the freeway yesterday.  The trees out side out building our blooming.  Trees are starting to flower all around the city.  I love spring in Washington DC.  It is so beautiful.  I hope this wonderful weather keeps up.  It would be really hard to go back to the cold again.

The gardeners were working around our building planting flowers.  The air smelled like perfume with the fragrance of the flowers.  

We passed this Church with the light on,  The stain glass windows looked so pretty.  

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