The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, April 1, 2016

Cherry Blossoms

The peak for the cherry blossoms was last weekend.  We were gone and we haven't had any time this week.  So we decided this morning to walk over to Tidal Basin 2 1/2 miles away where they are so spectacular and see the blossoms before they are gone.  It was cloudy and threatening rain while were we there.  It started to rain so we jumped on a bus to come home.  They were so beautiful and there were not that many people there.  I heard that last week there were so many people that they had to have policemen at every cross walk.  We left the condo at 6:40 so we didn't have the crowds.  Look what we saw.

I have never seen the Lincoln memorial with out people there. 

We met a young girl that stopped us.  She had her mission call to Georgia.  She leaves in May.  She was surprised to see us.  She said is this your P-day.  We told her no we were out for a walk.  We haven't taken a break in over two weeks and this weekend we are busy all weekend.  I didn't feel guilty being there.  We met a lady from Arizona that took our picture.  She knew about Mormon Missionaries and recognized our name tags at once.  She was not a member.  

We worked trying to get out lessons done and doing office work today.  I am really tired tonight.  I feeling like I need some down time.  Yesterday we ended our day by having a young lady come and stay until 9:50.  We had an encounter with the fire department last night because our alarms went off and the fire truck came and Elder Anthony was dealing with them while I was making the soup for Sunday.  I don't see this weekend slowing down at all.  

We have been invited to a Georgetown professors home an hour away for breakfast on Sunday morning.  We are taking a few students with us.  I told him I would bring cinnamon rolls so I will need to bake them tomorrow morning before conference.  Then we will have students in for both sessions of conference and priesthood meeting.  I have refreshment for priesthood meeting and then Sunday is our two hour car ride for breakfast then back for morning conference feeding around 40 people between sessions and then afternoon session.  We are two hours later so priesthood won't be done until 10:00 p.m. on Saturday then we have refreshments.  We start our normal crazy schedule bright and early Monday morning.  We bumped into our maintenance lady at the stake center on Tuesday night.   She had come for a temple recommend.  She was surprised to see us there so late.  Then she was really surprised to realize we left the Barlow at 11:30 and we had not been home nor would we get home until almost 11.  Wednesday night we bumped into the public affairs guy upstairs on our way home from teaching and he was surprised to see us still out working.  He said you two need to take a break.  I said in another 5 months we will.  This is not a complaint because I love what we do.  I just need a P-day. 


  1. The cherry blossom pictures and also those of the deserted memorials are so beautiful.

  2. Those are some pretty pictures! The buds haven't come out in Rexburg yet.