The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, April 8, 2016

Cold Front

There is a cold front moving in and I froze today.  With the wind it felt like 41 which isn't that cold but once you get a taste of nice weather it is hard to go back to cold.  If the wind would just stop it wouldn't be that bad.  Dr. Johns our professor this semester went back to Provo and asked us to conduct the Newseum Tour.  We had to meet the students at the Newseum at 8:45.

We ran into the Kimballs a senior mission couple that serves in the Archives.  They photo copy documents. We bumped into them when we got off the metro.  It was their 50th wedding anniversary today.  They were passing out to all their friends chocolate covered raisins. They had taped to the box a note that said, "April 8, 1966 to April 8, 2016.   Today we are celebrating 50 wonderful years of marriage together and want to share one of our favorite treats with you."   They can't talk about the church with those they work with but this was a great way to share their belief in a non-threatening way.  They gave us a box.

 The interns also had a paper due this morning.  I have noticed with this group that they put off doing their papers until late the night before and sometimes they don't even go to bed.  Procrastination.  I had a few students want to just skip coming.  But I put presser on them.  They started with a briefing.  I had a couple of girls show up an hour late but we got most of them there.  It is my favorite museum and it cost 22 dollars to get in so you would think when they could get in free they would make a bigger effort.

After the briefing we came home because Elder Anthony's back has been bothering him again.   He only slept about an hour last night.  We had our lunch and I insisted that we go to the VA and see the doctor.  He keeps thinking it will be better the next day and it keeps getting worse.  I think he will stay away from the chiropractor who might be irritating it.  After our visit we walked over to the main hospital and tried to see our student again but she had been checked out.  So we just keep missing her.

Tomorrow if everyone shows up we could have a busy day.  The guys are coming to change the outside lights all around the building.  They have a truck with a lift to put in the new lights.  We had two of the public affairs people park at the Barlow while they have been gone to SLC for meetings.  We asked them to leave their keys in case we had to move their cars.  One did and the other didn't so we had to have their keys over night shipped. We will have to move their cars tomorrow so they can get the lift up to the lights.  Then Elder Anthony asked an engineer that use to live in our singles ward if he could borrow a level.  He wants to shoot some elevations before we have the cement work done to make sure that the water coming off the building will drain away from the building.  He is suppose to come tomorrow also.  If he brings his new wife I will make lunch for everyone.  Then a young man that wants career counseling from Elder Anthony has said he will show up tomorrow so we could either have a lot of commitments or do a lot of waiting for people to show up.  

Some one said it was suppose to snow tomorrow as well.  So one way or another it will be another cold day.  Burr!

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