The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Friday and Saturday

The last two days we have been checking out our students.  Last night one of our old interns from two semesters ago called and offered us two tickets to the White House Garden tour. Elder Anthony has been miserable with his back but they only take people on the tour of the gardens three times a year.  We decided we didn't want to miss the opportunity.  As we were waiting in line for the tour we got a call that one of our interns was locked out and her suitcase was in her room and her plane would leave in a couple of hours.  So Elder Anthony left the line and came back to let her in and missed the gardens.  That separated us and left me to come home alone but that was okay the White House is only about 10 blocks from the Barlow.

Tonight we had another lock out.  I got a message on messenger from Facebook.  I rarely look at the messages on Facebook.  My phone  dinged a message.  I saw that there was a message.  But to get to it I had to set up messenger on my phone.  Then I answered and told the young woman that I would be right over.  Then I started thinking maybe this message is really old.  So I was going to text her and she answered the message and said, Thank you.  She had locked her key in her room and her phone was in there charging so it was kind of a miracle that I got the message.

It was fun going through the gardens but I wish Elder Anthony had been with me.  It was also so crowded that it was no as enjoyable as it could have been if you could stop and get better pictures.

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  1. Who would have known there was a little playground at the White House? That is really sad that dad had to miss the tour. :(