The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, April 9, 2016

I am a nerd

We went over to the Barlow before 9 today to meet the electrician.  He was coming to change the lights on the outside of the building.  I spent my time getting my lesson for next week.  I must be a nerd because I love studying the gospel.  You could lock me away and give me something I want to studied and I am as happy as they come.  I am teaching a class on the judgement.  I have a blast putting it all together for me and to teach.  The best thing about teaching is the benefits you receive from preparation.  I just love getting lost in the scriptures and today I had time to do just that.  We finally left at 5 and they were not quite done but very close.  We went back later tonight so we could see if the new lights did the job of lighting up the back of the Barlow.  It was amazing.

One of our mothers is moving to China this week.  We will really miss her in class. 

I had some pictures on my phone.  This is the navy memorial. 

The Archives. 

This was such a cool looking building.  

The new lights work wonders.  

The back is lit up like day. 

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