The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mixed emotions

This morning we got the word that Jordan Romney's husband died.  He has been fighting brain cancer since 2014.  He leaves a little family of four his oldest being just 8.  I have felt so over whelmed with grief for this sweet young lady.  The Romney's are close friends and we have known Jordan as a young girl.  I guess this what the Lord meant when He said we should mourn with those that mourn.

Dara left this afternoon.  We went to just sacrament meeting today. She stayed home and packed.  She didn't bring her c-pack sleeping breathing machine and has not slept well since she came.  We were worried that she would be even more confused than normal so Elder Anthony called the airlines to see if I could escort her to the gate and make sure she got to where she needed to go.  They gave us that permission.  It is fun to have company but it was also fun to be back lone tonight.

Elder Anthony decided that even though his back is still hurting that it was so beautiful out that we would go for a walk.  We didn't go fast but we went about three miles round trip.  I hope it will not cause him extra pain.  It is difficult to processes what is ahead in the next four months.  We have become very comfortable meeting the demands of our mission.  The city has become home.  We now get ready for the the last group of interns to arrive this week. What is ahead after the next four month?

These are the beautiful things we saw on our walk tonight.  I have never seen curly pansies. 

These two ducks are just sleeping away by a fountain.  

I love the beautiful flowering bushes in DC.


  1. Beautiful flowers. Hope Dad's back gets feeling better soon. Glad they let you walk Dara to the gate.

  2. Such beautiful flowers! I hope Dave can hold up to this last 4 months of work without the pain.

  3. 4 months, that is crazy to think about!
    I hope Jordan and her family are at peace knowing that her husband is free from this trial. I can't imagine the struggles she has endured and will yet endure.

  4. I still cry when I think about Jordan Romney.

    Those curly pansies are so cute! I love them!

    Four months?!?