The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Night Watchman

Our condo is a secure building.  You have to have a fob to get into the building.  We have people that man the front desk 24 hours a day.  The night watchman comes in at 11:00.  We have only seen him in the morning a few times when we have left before 7.  Tonight was the first time we have come in from teaching and had him working.  We were extra late tonight because one of our students asked Elder Anthony for a blessing.  I didn't think that would be such an important part of our mission. Elder Anthony has given over 24 blessing.  This young lady's parents are inactive.  It is great that they turn to the priesthood in time of need.  It was a very spiritual experience.

We had 22 in the class tonight and we were missing two that are normally there.  It was the best attendance yet.  The class went well.  I really hope this two week break doesn't stop the momentum.  The only reason we are taking a break is to get the Barlow back in shape and checking in the next group of interns. We have to be in the building during these student exchanges.

Today at the Barlow it was crazy.  We had a young man from LDS philanthropies come to visit us.  It is funny to be sitting on the other side.  Elder Anthony use to make those visits.  We had the air exchange men in today.  I can't wait until this system is fully functioning.  It seems like I keep thinking that all the equipment is working and it still isn't.  We also were surprise to see another contractor come in from BYU.  They are going to replace some pipe in the building.  They were going to do that job in 2017 but they have pushed it up so it can be done while Elder Anthony is here.  It will be amazing if we get that worked in.  We have our first student moving out on Wednesday so I was running around getting information out to student.  It has been a busy long day.

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  1. Of course they want to get all the work done while dad's there!