The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, April 4, 2016

Our Replacements

We got a call tonight from Tom and Heather who just received a mission call to the Washington DC North Mission as CES missionaries over the Barlow Center.  The thought that our time is limited just became a reality.  Now the secret is  not to get trunky and  get the work done that we need to get done.  We are so excited for them because we know the wonderful experiences that is ahead for them.

Today was a very typical Monday.  We started the day watching our Web inservice.  I am really enjoying these classes.  We are covering all the hot topics in the Church.  Elder Ballard told us in our Friday night with the general authority that we needed to learn the controversial topics like the back of our hand.  These class are bringing to light the problems and the need to to understand and be able to address question is a way that builds faith.

Our Round Table was fun because we shared highlights from conference.  Our class went well on Capitol Hill.  We had 11 there today.  They finished off the Taco Soup from yesterday.

It is going to get cold tonight and our students are complaining about being cold.  Here we just finished getting new sensors and the VAVs so why isn't the heat working?  We came back from class and Elder Anthony made some calls.  It is like there is something stopping the heat from getting to the rooms.  He talked to Chad who just install the stuff and he didn't know.  So here we go again cold rooms.  I can't wait until we get this system totally up and going.

President Cooke came to the Barlow tonight for Home Evening.  He did a great job talking to the interns.  He is late getting out this semester but he encourages the students to be good representatives of the church and to get referrals for the missionaries.  We feel strongly that Pres. Cooke was exactly the right person to be mission president in DC.  The Lord prepares the right person  and qualifies who he calls.  It will be hard to see him leave in June. He said something that I didn't know.  Our mission has 20 couples in more than any other mission.

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  1. I can remember when you opened your mission call like it was yesterday. It's crazy to think of others who are preparing to take your place now.