The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, April 22, 2016

Quiet Day

They were cleaning the rugs in the Barlow so everyone had to be out.  Michael and I walked Dara to death last night so she was sleeping a good share of the day and not interested in sight seeing.  Elder Anthony and I went to the VA to pick up some MRI results.  I have talked him into going to a private back doctor at John Hopkins.  He can't get in until the 12th of May but the doctor will want new MRI images and will compare them to the first set.  We will see a physician assistant on Monday to get the tests ordered so when we see the doctor we hopefully will get some help.  We also stopped at Walmart to get the welcome treats for our new interns that start arriving next week.

I worked on my lesson for our first class of the new semester in a week.  Tonight we took Dara on a missionary experience.  We went to the young adult center for their annual BBQ and talent show.  It was great.  Elder Anthony really misses eating BBQ anything.  We had hot dogs tonight.  The talent show was great.  It was fun to show her a little piece of our world.

Sister Ete is one of our full time missionaries that did a Polynesian dance for the talent show. 

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  1. I really hope Dad can get some help for his back! We will continue to pray for you both. Amy prays for you both every night as well.