The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, May 14, 2016

April showers, oops it's May

We have had 18 days in a row of rain but today started off sunny and perfect.  The rain didn't show up until about 3 today.  It rained hard and then cleared up and was sunny again.  We have had doctor appointments on the past two Thursday's so we have gone right from teaching to the doctors.  Thursday is usually when we stop to get food for our Sunday dinner with the interns and the food for our Monday class.  We also needed refreshments for Home evening this coming Monday Evening.  We always do the first three weeks of each semester while we wait for students to be called to take over that job.  I am glad this is our last Monday.  I will be glad to sustain them on Sunday.

On the way to Costco we decided that we would stop and see the Pentagon Memorial of 9/11.  We got lost and ended up at the Air Force Memorial first.  I didn't even know there was an Air Force Memorial.  But I had seen the monument part from a far and just didn't know what it was for.  It was so peaceful and well done.
Air force Memorial 

We drove over to the Pentagon Memorial.  You can just call a number and it gives you a tour of the Memorial.  It was so well done.  I loved it and I am so glad we found both of these treasures.

Pentagon is the largest low building there are 17 miles of hallways in the Pentagon.  

Dana was the youngest person killed.  She was on the plane and was 3 years old.  Her family died with her.  

This is where the plane hit the building. 

Each person has one of these granite type markers with  water under it.  If you are reading the name at the end of the marker and you are facing away from the Pentagon they were on the plane.  If you are reading their name and facing the Pentagon they were inside.  

There is a date on the bench or wall and you can follow the lines in the rock to see how many were killed that were born in that year.  

This was the oldest person killed.  There was only one person that old.  

This was a sobering site.  I am so glad we went over.  It was not crowded like the memorials on the National Mall but well worth the time.


  1. Those are neat memorials. It is so sad to see someone that young (Dana) killed in a terrorist act.

  2. It is so humbling realizing the sacrifice that so many made for our freedom.