The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Coat Day

When am I going to be able to leave my coat home.  Today it was sunny, the first non rain day in 18 days.  But the wind was blowing so hard and the temperature was 53 degrees.  So I welcomed my rain coat again today.

We got to church and one of the interns came to tell us the front door wouldn't lock again.  We left a sign on the door not to use it until we get the lock smiths out to fix it right.  So Elder Anthony left church just before it started and took the bus back to the Barlow to get the door locked down.  I stayed at church.  The lock guy showed Elder Anthony how to make it lock but to fix it they have to bring two guys out because the door has to be taken off the hinges and it is a heavy door.

It was funny today.  One of the interns asked me why he didn't get invited to dinner today.  I told him we invited 6 interns at a time and we started at the first of the list.  He said oh I thought everyone was coming but me.  Then I ran into a member of the bishopric and he said so I heard the Barlow interns talking about coming to your house to eat.  I explained that we invited just 6 at a time but we would get all of them invited before the semester was over.  I was just about done preparing the food and Elder Anthony had gone to meet the interns for today when I got a knock on the door and it was one of our old interns.  It was fun to visit with her and find out she was mission companions to one of our current interns and they were together.  I ended up inviting them for dinner as well.

Trina called tonight and Elder Anthony and I have committed to do a personal progress goal with her this coming week.  Sarah said she would also and so did Justin and Ciera.  So we are all working on the same goal in good works.  It will be fun to see how we all accomplish the task.


  1. Come to Florida. I started leaving my coat home in February.

  2. I feel the same way about my coat! I've put it away twice and had to get it out again! I refuse to turn on the heat but our house is getting cold at night. We are down in the low 60's in our house!

    It's a good thing you invite all the students to your home. It would be sad if someone felt left out!