The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, May 9, 2016


Tonight we had decided for the Bishopric night instead of bringing pizza we would change the menu since they had pizza Friday night.  We decided on fried chicken, chips, carrot sticks, potato and macaroni salad, cookies  and left over soda pop. Elder Anthony went to the doctor today and we had two prescriptions to fill.  We decided to do it at Safeway.  We always seem to have a problem with our insurance card.  The pharmacist got upset because she said our numbers didn't work and she was too busy to keep looking and to get our insurance company and get the right numbers.  I called very frustrated our insurance company and the card was right and they said we will help them processes the order.  Then I had to stand in line again with the insurance company on hold.  They walked her through the process and all the numbers worked then she was upset saying the insurance company had change access and let them in.  She said she would get the prescription filled.  We had left 45 minutes early before we had to pick up the chicken.  We had now used up 40 minutes.

We get the chicken and a couple of other items and go to the register.  They were up set with me because I didn't have some kind of slip from the deli.  We finally found the slip on the bottom of one of the four boxes.  So she rang it up and I handed her the BYU card to charge it.  She said your name and the card is not the same let me see your ID.  I use this card all the time.  I said I know it is a business card.  I told her I have the pin on the card.  She called over customer service for the second time, she had helped find the price tag on the chicken, and she took the card.  She said what is the business I told her it was the church and BYU.  She okayed it.  Elder Anthony started shuffling out to the car because he couldn't stand any more and I ran back to pick up the medicine.  I had dealt with the pharmacy because he had to sit.  I get back there and they can't find the prescription.  We are now late getting back to the Barlow for FHE.  She finally says do you have some shopping to do.  I told her I already did it.  She told me to sit in the waiting room and she would call me in five minutes. It is  20 minutes more before I get the medicine.  The bishopric was late and the kids started leaving and we show up 25 minutes late.   Oh, my, what a disaster.

Elder Anthony was extra bad today so I went to the Barlow alone this morning.  I came back to work on the food for class.  We started walking to the metro.  Elder Anthony just couldn't walk and I knew at the present pace we wouldn't make it to class.  I finally convinced him to go back home and let me go alone.  I got on the metro but Washington is having metro delays.  We waited at one stop for almost 15 minutes.  Everyone around me is getting so frustrated.  The guy next to me asked if I had any liquor in the Trader Joe bag.  I said no.  He said to bad. I did make it to class and found out our regular room was being re-carpeted.  They were nice enough to let us use another room but that meant putting up signs to get people to the right place.  We had 13 people in class and one was a non-member.  The lesson went well.

I jumped on the bus because Elder Anthony had gotten a doctors appointment for them to give him a shot in his back to help with the pain.  He jumped on the bus at the condo and I rode clear across town to be with him.  He kept saying just stop at the condo and stay I will go alone.  I was worried what they were going to do so I kept going. I didn't want him to be alone. I got there 25 minutes after the appointment was suppose to start but I got in on the very last part.  They couldn't give him the shots because of the blood thinner he is on.  So they gave him more steroid pills.  

So this day was frustrating trying to get Elder Anthony some help.  It is frustrating to see him in this kind of pain.  It is frustrating to wait on metro, buses, for pharmacists, insurance companies, and have everyone in the Barlow waiting on you. I feel like I have been behind all day and I can't seem to get thing to work.


  1. How frustrating! Hopefully tomorrow, with a good prayer, will work out better.

  2. Those days are the worst! If I were you, I would never return to shop at Safeway. I can't believe how rude they were to you. I really pray dad is feeling better.