The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Full Steam Ahead

With Elder Anthony's epidural shot on board and working well it was full steam ahead.  We headed over to the Barlow a half hour earlier than normal and we were both running at full speed until we left at noon.  We have men in installing new security equipment, working on the parking area digging out the asphalt, and men working on the thermostats in the students area.  (Yesterday to add to that list we had the locksmiths out to fix the front door that is having a problem.) We had to back off having the marble floor rebuffed because no one can walk on the floor for 8 hours.  It is like a beehive.  We got lunch and headed to the temple.  We did a session and a sealing session.  We grabbed a couple of things at Costco for munch and mingle after class and headed to the stake center to teach.  Our class went well.  Our numbers were down a little, we only had 12.  Four of our most faithful attenders were not there.  You never quite know what to expect.

One side of the building is done and we have to wait for it to set up.  

The other side of the building is still in the rip down stage. 

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  1. Don't let dad push himself too hard and hurt himself worse with this new epidural.