The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Good Old Days

This medication Elder Anthony is on is great.  He has worked like his old self.  It is great to pretend that the pain is gone and all is well and we are off doing our work at full capacity.  I am afraid of the crash when the pills are gone.

We did get a ton done today.  We  had our class up in Columbia Heights tonight.  The Metro going was so packed I couldn't believe it.  I have never seen it so full.  There was no more room in our car for one more body.

Full train cars. 

This cool looking statue was on the street corner. We had never seen him before.  His clothes were so life like I was worried I was going to touch him and he was going to move.    
Each transfer our mission president sends out a news letter.  I really like this one.  He will be released at the end of June and we will get a new mission president.  I think his wife writes these.

“REVELATION IS A REALITY” This past week, we were blessed to attend our semi-annual training for Mission Presidents and wives. Our visiting apostle was Elder Dallin H. Oaks. What an amazing servant of the Lord this apostle is! Elder Oaks has a mind that works like a complicated Swiss watch, and he can mesmerize you with his intriguing articulation. But we discovered, as we visited with him at dinners and during the breaks, that he is very approachable, friendly and engaging, with a charming sense of humor. In other words, he is very “real.” He led conversations with us like we were actually his colleagues. He was more interested in getting our input than in being the authority posed to preach at us. Amidst all the endearing characteristics that make him “human,” however, there is still an underlying presence that makes him different. It is a combination of humility, peaceful dignity and genuine compassion that make you trust him and like him and want to be with him because it feels like he definitely knows something the rest of us are still seeking. This distinction is particularly apparent when he steps into his teaching role, which he does in a non-egotistical but rather loving manner. Elder Oaks urged us to seek revelation at all levels, pointing particularly to our “councils.” Whether in our companionship council, our apartment council, our district council, our ward council, our zone council, our stake coordinating council, a leadership council, or, eventually, a family council, we will act more in harmony with the Lord’s will and therefore be more successful in our efforts if we, as a council, seek to know and to do His will. We encourage all of you, first, to believe that revelation is available to you, then to want it and seek it in all humility, and finally to expect it in full faith while committing to follow that revelation. As Elder Oaks – an undeniable special witness of Christ – said to us in his closing testimony, “Revelation is a REALITY.” We pray that each of you will experience it, both individually and in your councils. Charlie-Mike with all our love, President and Sister Cooke


  1. Elder Oaks visited our mission when I was in Spain, and I saw the same thing in him. He laughed and joked with us; I didn't know that he knew how to do that! I was grateful to see a different side of Elder Oaks and realize that he is a grandpa, father, and friend.

  2. That is a cool news letter