The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, May 27, 2016

Grateful to be able to work.

Today was crazy.  The security guys were in finishing up their job and training people on how to use the cameras. They leave tomorrow morning to go back to Salt Lake.  The system is so cool.  When we left the Barlow tonight there was a transient sitting just outside the front door.  After we got home we wanted to make sure he had left.  Elder Anthony pulled up the camera on his cell phone and checked to see.  He had.  We can now see what is going on at the Barlow from our condo any place we have cameras.  The picture is incredibly clear.  The work men didn't leave until 5:30 so we were answering question and running around with them.

We got a call about 3 that there was a ceiling tile falling in from a water leak.  We headed up to the second floor.  Elder Anthony got up into the ceiling and there had been water  but we couldn't find a leak.  We got the idea that someone had over flowed a shower or the toilet.  He went to the room above and sure enough the floor was wet.  He warned the guys to make sure water didn't get out when they shower.  We left the ceiling opened in case it started to leak again.

At about 3:30 I got a text that the married rooms on the fourth floor were over 80 degrees and no air conditioning.  Elder Anthony started messing with the computer controls and their rooms were really hot and it showed the air condition at 95.  We called BYU and they said the air conditioner needs to be reset and started.  So Elder Anthony is running up to the roof a couple of times while they are trying to tell him were to reset the thing.  I am thinking that shot he got in his back is really working because a week ago he would have been down flat in the condo and not able to move never mind climbing ladders and hanging out on the roof.

At 8:30 a.m. we were in the seminar class in the morning while the students were given instruction on the activity we are in charge of next week because their professor is out of town.  We have had people and problems marching in and out of our offices all day while we tried to prepare our lessons.  We are so grateful tonight to have the strength to finish off this day and to be able to see work being accomplished that has been lined up to get done.  

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  1. Don't let dad overdo it!!!!! That is pretty neat that you can see what is going on at the Barlow whenever you need to now. I hope everything starts working normally soon!