The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, May 23, 2016


Wouldn't you say that modern medicine is a miracle?  I think the Lord works many of his miracles today through men and women that have been inspired to find answers to problem that years ago would have left people crippled.  We are praying for a miracle today.  Elder Anthony and I were on the bus at 5:55 a.m. this morning to get to the doctors at 7:00.  Elder Anthony had an epidural steroid injection this morning.  He is feeling better tonight and is off the medication that was to help with the pain.  That pill was not good.  He was so sleepy and dizzy that it was not pleasant to take and yet it was the only thing that helped with the pain and kept him moving a little.  The doctor feels that his hip is also causing some of the pain so if things don't improve by his hip he will return for a shot in the hip.  We are praying that this shots last for the rest of our mission until we get home.  That is what we are praying for.

Justin called last night and listed a long list of miracles that happened to him this past weekend.  I am afraid he won't write it down and I am not sure I can get the whole list right but I will try.
Miracle 1 he asked his friend Duane to go with him to pick up a load out of his storage in Spanish Fork because he is moving the stuff to a storage unit in Vernal.  Duane took a day off of work to go with him and they were going to play golf.
Miracle 2 they decided not to play golf but to get the load.
Miracle 3 while driving on the freeway at 60 miles an hour the wheel with the tire came off the front end of the trailer rolled back between him and a big semi truck and rolled off the road and not into incoming traffic.
Miracle 4 it was a front wheel and not a back wheel where the breaks for the trailer are.
Miracle 5 it was one of the lighter loads he had moved but it was still a huge load.
Miracle 6 he noticed the wheel come off and saw it and there was a pull out area right there.  The traffic was very heavy so he could get off the freeway to work on it.
Miracle 7 he remembered watching a show that showed if that ever happened you could chain up the axle and pull the trailer to be fixed because all the stuff around the wheel are spread all over and you can't just put the wheel and tire back on.
Miracle 8 he had a chain and some re-bar and because Duane was with him he was able to get the axle pulled up into position so the other wheel would not be ruined and not blow out.
Miracle 9 going 45 miles an hour he got off the freeway and found an auto parts store and got some of the things he needed to fix the wheel 10 minutes before they closed.
Miracle 10 He got to another auto part store in Orem to get the rest of the parts just as they were closing.
Miracle 11 Jared his friend that works at Sav-More auto was still at work and had him come to the shop so they could do the work. All this time he is pulling a loaded trailer on three wheels.
Miracle 12 they couldn't get one part to work and just as they were going to give up it threaded on the axle.
Miracle 13 he got home at 1:00 in the morning safe.  Had they stopped to play golf they wouldn't have gotten home and Duane had promised his wife he would be back that day.  If he hadn't had Duane he couldn't have done all the work on his own.  We had a good friend that lost their son in law because a wheel came lose on the freeway and hit the van they were driving and killed him.  I am so grateful that guarding angels were watching over this son of ours and that no one was injured. I think the Lord blesses us with miracles because we are in His service.  I recognize His hand in this miracle and thank Him for aiding our family at home.  


  1. Another miracle is that Justin saw the and recognized all these miracle in his life. Great examples of how the little things are the big things.

  2. WOW! I am so glad you wrote down all those miracles as well! That is amazing!