The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, May 16, 2016

President Cooke

Our Monday is so busy.  I wanted to get a few last minute things done on my lesson.  Then we rushed over to the Barlow to meet with the Contractor and the marble floor guy.  We have had a little conflict.  I was complaining about marks on the floor that look like grout that has been sealed in.  The guy over the floor was trying to say that it was the shadow of the floor textures.  So the contractor was there and he was there and I was there.  The floor guy was nice and brought in a guy that does restoration.  He is going to buff the whole floor, reseal it and shine it.  So that will be better.

Then we had our round table with Brother Cottle.  He is coming in from a week of training.  Things are changing with S&I.  I told Elder Anthony this is why I had to retire and go right away on this mission.  Things are always changing and it is hard to keep up and stay on the cutting edge.  I can see that I am already starting to get behind.  They are changing scripture mastery again and the approach we use to teach them and what we are emphasizing.  We will get to go to training in June.  I am excited about the new direction.  Soon I will be obsolete.

We came home for lunch and I made a couple of batches of brownies for Home Evening tonight.  This is our last time to be in charge of that.  Our mission president came to talk to the interns.  He always comes and meets our interns and asks them for their help doing missionary work and going on splits with the missionaries.  We had nine full-time missionaries there tonight to meet the interns and hopefully get their help with the work.  They are really good to help out the missionaries.  President Cook will be released at the end of June.  I will miss him.  Missionaries always develop a special love for their mission president.  He is not just a spiritual leader he is the pulse of this mission.  He is the life behind the work.  He is the one we rally for. He has promised us that when we get released he is going to come back and take us out to eat.  He and Sister Cook have brought a home in DC and will stay in the mission.  They are have been perfect for this mission.  They will be hard to replace.  Pres. Cooke is a 2 star Major General and he was the 2012 Democratic candidate for Governor against Gov. Herbert.  Sister Cooke was the Assistant U.S Attorney in Utah and served on the Utah board of pardons.  So they have been perfect to serve in this area.

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  1. I am glad you aren't staying in DC and buying a home!