The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, May 19, 2016


About a month ago Elder Anthony got the approval for new lighting around the building.  The Barlow looks really big when you look at it from the sides.  
I finally got pictures taken of the condo for the new mission couple that is coming out.  I told them I would get them taken and we have been so busy that I didn't get it done.  We taught our mothers this morning.  We had some running around to do after.  We had to get something for Monday's class for lunch and we need the juice and milk for tomorrow morning for our trip to Valley Forge.  We need to pick up the bagel at 7:00 a.m. and have them back to the Barlow at 7:20 for breakfast.  We came home to get the laundry done and clean the condo.

The cement work for the parking was started today. We have had to arrange for the employees to park in a garage while the work is being done at the Barlow.  For 8 cars to park for 1 month it will cost 2000.00.

The rose bushes are all blooming in the front of the Barlow.  

They are ripping out the asphalt and will replace it with cement.  Plus Elder Anthony is going to be able to squeeze another place for parking by having them rip out this old pad on the other side.

Elder Anthony also got the TV fixed on the girls floor while I talked out a few concerns with a student about the trip tomorrow.  We also got the guys in to fix a door handle on one of the dorm doors.  It broke and  we had to wait for a new handle to be made.  It took two months.  But that is fixed finally.  There is always something needing to be done on the building.

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  1. I can't believe it costs that much to park for a month! That is crazy!