The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Speak in Stake Conference?

The Barlow is just a beehive of activity.  We have been getting there earlier than normal just because we have so many people with questions and so many things we have had to get done.

John will hopefully have our room thermostats fully functioning by tomorrow.  Elder Anthony will be able to control the temperature with his computer if needed.  John can control them from BYU.  This hopefully will get all the new equipment working together.  We have a new boiler, air conditioners, room controls and equipment.  It has been a two year project.  I hope we see it working and hear no more complaints.  We have had to hand out space heaters for the month of May and the heat is coming.  It was 82 today so we will need the air-conditioning now.  

We are getting in new surveillance equipment.  Everything should be monitored by the front desk, The building is always in lock down so we will be able to see what is going on around the building better than we use to.   

We are getting new holes cut in our newly remodeled entry.  

We have new furniture arriving for the new lobby.  We had to reject the table because it was damaged.  We are getting two new stoves in the student area.  Scott wanted me to see if I could give away the old onew.  I have put out some offers but so far no one has wanted them. 

The cement work in the back continues.  We are giving our neighbors the right to park on the West side of our building because they can't get to their parking spots.  It will be so nice when this is finished.  Elder Anthony will create two more parking spots which will be wonderful and so needed.  
I got an email that I needed to call the Stake president.  I thought it would be for Elder Anthony so I told him to call him.  No he wanted to talk to me.  He wants me to speak in Stake conference in two weeks.  I would much rather go and be fed by the work of someone else preparation.  I said yes.

This afternoon we had a going away party for Ben who has accepted another job and is leaving us tomorrow.  They threw in a birthday party for me.  It was beautiful and fun to be together.  Lydia and I have been doing a no sugar deal and this party was the end of the deal and we both ate way to much sugar.

Speaking of too much sugar.  We got some very concerning news yesterday.  My 36 year old son was diagnosed with diabetes .  That is a dreaded disease in our family.  I was talking to him at the first of the week and he told me he had lost 20 pounds and wasn't even trying.  Then he said I am so tired I have to just force myself through my work day.  I said are you thirsty and urinating a lot.  He said yes.  I told him to go and get tested.  He called back the next day and said you are right.  He said it explains a lot of things that have been happening to me.  I feel so bad that he is going to now have to fight this disease. I pray he can get in under control.

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  1. You are going to do a great job speaking at stake conference! The food from the party looks delicious!