The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Party Day

We just finished our 12 hour day at the Barlow.  We worked all morning handling the every day problems and working on our lessons for next week. Then in the afternoon we had a little get together to tell Ashley in Public Affairs good-bye.  She is leaving to go back to school.  They are losing all their people right now and they have a hiring freeze so they are not being replaced.  We had a fun experience with Ashley.  We get a call one night to come over to the Barlow because Ashley has a mouse in her garbage.  We went over and here she is standing on a chair having a fit screaming.  Elder Anthony went in but the mouse was gone.  We helped her to feel safe and got her purse that was sitting next to the garbage and went through it to make sure there was no mouse in it.  We set a trap after she left and we caught that little guy.  I helped get things cut up and out for the reception we had for her and then I helped clean up.

I went from there down stairs to help set up for an event we had tonight with the Hinckley Institute from the University of Utah and our interns from BYU.  I took care of ordering pizza and getting the salads put together and tables set up.  We helped welcome and serve and cleaned up after that event.  We had 65 people in attendance.  So it was successful.

We came back to the condo 12 hours since we left.  We are tired tonight.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Lisa

I made the treat for our class tonight.  Last night I baked the brownies.  This morning before we went to the Barlow I made the mint icing and iced them and refrigerated them for the four hours required.  Then  when we came home for dinner I put on the chocolate layer and refrigerated them until time to go to class.  We had another record broken tonight for attendance.  We had 36 there tonight.   We had a surprise when we arrived to teach tonight. Elder and Sister McKinley left on Monday to return home.  They have been over the young adult center in Columbia Heights.  Here was a note addressed to us on the table that we use for teaching.  It said, "Elder and Sister Anthony, Thank you! Thank you for making institute an important and integral part of the DC Young Adult Center.  You are blessing many lives.  Please know we are here in spirit tonight.  Love Elder and Sister McKinley" We will miss them.

We have another big project to conquer that Elder Anthony tried to pass to the next missionaries but Scott is to smart and wants him to implement the new security system with these interns before we go.  It is just being installed.  Elder Anthony will write up the instruction and we will try and work the bugs with this group of interns plus write the instruction for the in coming intern.

Then you deal with the every day problem like furniture that arrives with a broken leg. Now for the hassle of getting that repaired or replace.  Today I also was dealing with our lawn getting grubs and maybe our dish washer at home going out.  I got our lawn company coming out on Tuesday to look at it and spray it.  We will see what happens with the dishwasher that is making noises.

It was fun to talk with Lisa today for her birthday.  Those 38 years have gone really fast.  

I have mentioned before that one of the things we love about DC is getting fresh sea food.  Safeway keeps having sales on their shrimp and salmon and they steam them and seasoning them and bring them home and eat them for dinner.  We have fallen in love with his little routine.  They are on sale again this week.

I got a message back from Brother Norby today on Facebook.  He was the older missionary hurt in the bombing in Belgium.  He is living in Salt Lake right now while they continue the therapy and doctor visits but he says he is feeling better.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I didn't know gnats would bite you.

This was a pretty typical Tuesday.  We got to go to the temple which is always a delight. We were on a later session because I needed to get my hair cut.  We had 24 in class tonight.  We had a lot of our regular attenders not there which was sad but we had 5 new people.

The funny for the day which is really not too funny was a call from Justin on the way home.  He had been working out in Colorado today.  He said the gnats were so bad that he was nearly eaten alive. Gnats are small two-winged insects that typically travel in large swarms. Black gnats include both biting and nonbiting forms and are found in nearly any place in the world where a river or stream is present. Biting black gnats lay their eggs in watery areas and require the blood of warm-blooded animals to survive. He was that blood source. Gnats typically do not bite through clothing. He said that he had bites on his ears and his head and one was as big as a silver dollar.  Justin said how can anything that is the size of fruit fly make such a huge bite. They were swarming so bad around him that he was breathing them in and getting bit inside his nose, around his eyes and cheeks.  The only way to get rid of them was to get in the truck and turn on the air conditioner because they hate the cold.  He had to stop working and go and get the netting clothing that covers your head and arms like the bee keepers have in order to continue to work.   

Just after we got into the stake center last night we had a huge thunderstorm hit.  Water was coming down so fast that the drains couldn't keep up and there was water coming in the doors of the building. It didn't last long but it was amazing how much water fell. 

Monday, June 27, 2016


We were asked today by our S&I coordinator to write down everything we are doing to encourage enrollment.  I hate to say this because everything will come crashing in but our classes right now are some of the largest in the area.  He wanted a detailed list of what we do.  Then this morning two other coordinators from around this area came to the Barlow and we shared with them what we were doing.  It is nice to know that our work is paying off but it all boils down to the grace of the Lord and the Spirit who is the real teacher.  We just continue to invite and some of the students respond and we hope they are blessed for doing it.  We are hoping to build up our classes so that when we turn then over the new missionaries have a good group to teach.

We taught our class up on Capitol Hill today and had the best turn out that we have ever had.  We had 13 for lunch today.  I had made rice and we had Costco chicken teriyaki over the rice.  There was not anything left at the end which is good.

I made rice pudding this afternoon for our treat tomorrow evening after class.  Can you tell I am trying to use up a bag of rice.  We will eat it cold with whip cream and fresh strawberries.

We had fun with our interns at  home evening tonight.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Dinners

We have had the joy of having many people sit around our table for Sunday dinner.  We learned after the first semester of interns that we had to find something that was less costly than our traditional pot roast dinner.  So we decided on sour dough waffles made from the sour dough start that we got more than 20 years ago. We were visiting the church history sites in Palmyra, New York.  We noticed outside the Joseph Smith home, that Alvin had started for his parents, a car from California with the license plate 'Sour Dough'.  We love sour dough so we asked whose car that was.  This missionary couple serving there told us about their sour dough starter that they had brought on their mission.  At the time the starter was 78 years old.  They finally took us to their apartment and gave us a start of the sour dough and the recipes.  This was before 9/11 so there was no problem putting our starter in a cup of ice and carrying it on the plane.  When we came out here I brought part of my starter thinking that what I left at home would be lucky to survive two years with out being replenished.  We have fed hundreds of people from that sour dough starter since being here. We occasionally have someone that is gluten intolerant and we have to have a different menu. I only have one more Barlow group to do before I have fed this batch of interns.  Next time I have students over it will be for those that are gluten intolerant. That means that today unless we invite some from the ward it was our last Sunday dinner of sour dough waffles until we leave.  Today after dinner I had some batter left over so I made some sour dough rolls.  They were pretty tasty.

I still have another batch of Barlow interns and possibly a few other or maybe the missionaries that I will feed before we leave but I have fed around my table as of today 331 people in addition to about 230  people at the Barlow center between conference sessions and at Thanksgiving.  Breaking bread with another breaks down barriers and brings a special bond and love.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Playing Tourist

The United States National Arboretum is an arboretum in Washington, D.C., operated by the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service. It was established in 1927, by an act of Congress.
It is 446 acres nine miles of roadways wind through and connect the numerous gardens and collections on the campus.
The arboretum functions as a major center of botanical research. It conducts wide-ranging basic and developmental research on trees, shrubs, turf and floral plants. I feel badly that we didn't get there in the spring to see all the beautiful spring flowers but there were still beautiful things to see.

 One of Washington's most notable and unusual landmarks is the National Capitol Columns.  The stately permanence of the Corinthian columns and careful siting on a natural knoll in the Ellipse Meadow makes them seem as if they have been there for a very long time.  In fact, the National Capitol Columns are one of the most recent features added to the Arboretum, little more than a decade ago.
The columns began their life on the East Portico of the Capitol in 1828.  They were quarried from sandstone near Aquia Creek in Virginia and were barged to Washington in the early days of our country, before the familiar Capitol dome was completed.  Their stay at the Capitol was to be limited by an oversight.  The dome of the Capitol, completed in 1864, appeared as if it was not adequately supported by the columns because the iron dome that was ultimately built was significantly larger than the dome that the designer envisioned.  An addition to the east side of the Capitol was proposed to eliminate this unsettling illusion, but it was not constructed until 1958.
More time would pass before the columns would come to their final resting place.  It was not until the 1980s that Arboretum benefactor Ethel Garrett took up the cause of establishing a permanent home for them.

There are some really unusual flowers.  I wonder if Heavenly Father had a unique flower committee that created flowers to be used on earth.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Today we slept in and got to exercise for the first time in over a week and a half.  We didn't get to the Barlow until after 9:30 and it was quiet today.  No work men and the students were out on a service project.  I met with one of the Milton Barlow daughters about paint color but other than that it was quiet and we were able to get our lessons done.  We left at 3 and came home.   This evening we got laundry done, went for a long walk, rode the bus to Safeway for fresh steamed shrimp and salmon and crashed the rest of the evening.  I sat down on the couch and fell asleep.  We are really going to miss getting fresh fish.  Safeway seasons it and steams it for you.  Salmon was 5.99 pound this week as well as these huge shrimp,  yum.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Last Day of Conference

Last day of the conference was today.  I have not been able to exercise for the past 10 days and I am feeling the effects.  Tomorrow morning for sure we will get that in.  We are both really tired tonight.  We haven't taken a break in the past two weeks and we need one.  We have had some long days.  I about threw the last conference person out so we could go home at 4:30.  She was waiting for relatives and she decided that she could wait outside.

Elder Anthony has a couple of really unpleasant jobs.  One is keeping the homeless from sleeping on our porch.  Today a lady came and spread out her blanket and got out her pillow and was getting ready to go to bed on the porch.  She was doing some usual contortions.  He went out to ask her to move.  She had just finished urinating in a cup and was doing something under her shirt.  She said were am I going to go.  He suggested the park across the street.  She said it has been raining and is wet.  He suggested the Salvation Army she said they won't help me.  He then suggested the Catholic Church down the road was ready for afternoon mass and she could go inside.  She liked that idea.  She wanted one of our church bulletins but Elder Anthony told her we were not a church but a place were students were housed.  Then she asked him for a blessing.  So he prayed with her and that made her happy.  She gave Elder Anthony a little pint of Trader Joe ice cream.  He said I can't take that from you.  She said I can't refrigerate it.  He suggested that she let it thaw and drink it.  She asked him if he had any money.  We don't care cash with us and he didn't.  She said it hasn't been opened.  I think someone had given it to her.  He took it and she picked up the glass full of urine and threw it in the alley over her shoulder and then packed the cup and her blanket and headed down the street.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Book is Out!!!!!

Last night when we got home from teaching I had a notice that my package had arrived. I had ordered a copy of my book back in March.  It was suppose to be available July 1 but I got my copy last night.

I still can't believe it.  After 7 years of working on this project it has come to fruition.  It has stretched me harder than any thing I have tried to accomplish because I didn't have the skills and ability to do this.  The Spirit kept nagging me and wouldn't let me be peaceful.  People kept encouraging me.  I believed in the topic and knew it needed to be written about.  I hope people that read it will come away feeling even more loved and blessed. or*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Alarm Clocks

Last night Elder Anthony left at 11:30 to go find out what was happening to one of the new air-conditioning units.  It had gone out.  He climbed up on the roof at 11:30 in a light rain and reset the unit.  I went to the front desk and asked our night clerk if there was a package for me.

This morning I had to meet with a lady at 7:15.  Our alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m.  There are times I don't get right up especial if we have had an extra late night.  This morning there was no choice I hopped out of bed and into the shower.  Elder Anthony was right behind me.  We were dressed and ready to go when I checked my watch. It was 6:00 a.m.  My watch must have stopped.  I looked at the alarm clock it was 7:00 o'clock.  I got my cell phone out.  It was 6:00 a.m.  I must have hit the time zone button the morning before and turned our clock an hour ahead.  We were ready to go out the door at 6:00 a.m.  Elder Anthony had some electricians coming at 6 so we went over.  The night watchman was still there.  He said you two didn't much sleep last night.  By 9:30 this morning I had met with my lady got the conference under way and felt like I had a half of days work in.

Crazy Alarm clock.  Long day.

Tonight we had 26 in class.  That is really good for that class.  One young man shared about riding to work on the freeway.  He was listening to a talk from Sheri Dew and was enjoying it so much he drove by his exit.  He started to panic.  He would be late to work.  How could he get off the freeway and back on in rush hour and get their on time.  He quickly turned on his GPS to see if there was another way there.  The estimated time of arrival was 7:50.  He could make it.  When he was at work he had this thought.  I may go the wrong way at times but if I follow the Lord's course I will arrive at my destination at the estimated time of arrival.  I liked that.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I think we are getting busier

We are having a hard time exercising this week.  Every morning so far this week we have had early commitments. Tomorrow we have the same problem. I am meeting a lady that has a conference at 8 but she will be there by 7:30 to get set up.  This morning we had an intern that has a really bad stiff neck and had an appointment with a doctor at Georgetown Hospital.  She asked if I would go with her and if we would drive her. We were there at 8:15 and they got her right in.  We took her to Safeway for come groceries and her prescriptions.  We got back to the Barlow with a dozen problems and people wait for us.  The lock and security men were there installing equipment and wanted Elder Anthony.  I had a the lady waiting for me that is using the Barlow for the conference.  She wanted to see the physicality.  Elder Anthony continued to deal with problems the rest of the morning and I started emailing the young adults about institute.

Our Coordinator asked us yesterday to be ready to meet with two other coordinators in the area that are coming to his office next Monday.  They want to know what we are doing to get our classes to grow.  Mike said they want to pick your brains and find out every thing you are doing.  I am not quite sure that we are doing anything noteworthy that everyone doesn't already know about.  We just do it.  I don't think someone that isn't doing this full time would have the time to devote.

We did have a great class tonight.  We had 30 out.  Our young adults really seem to enjoy being with each other.  It is so fun to teach them.  They come and add so much to the lesson. While we were there we got a call that there was a loud noise and the rooms are getting hotter.  I think one of the new air-conditioners is having a problem.  It is 10:45 and Elder Anthony just walked back over to the Barlow to check on some things.  I hope he isn't too late we have another early morning commitment.

We also made our weekly visit to the temple.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Orientation Schedule

We were asked by Scott to develop an orientation schedules for our replacements.  Here it is.

Thursday August 25
Meet the Thunnels when they arrive at the parking garage
Show them where their parking is located
Introduce Thunnels to the front desk staff and show them the mail box location
Show them to their apartment
Explain some of the eccentricities of the apartment
Leave some time for the Thunnels to get settled in
Meet with the Thunnels later in the evening
Show them around the building, the gym, swimming pool, the roof top, and  garbage 
Tour of the Barlow Center
Walk to a local restaurant for dinner and information 
Answer questions about the Washington DC North Mission
Overview of the Barlow Center Staff and Hierarchy
Overview of Mission Couple's Responsibilities in regard to the Hierarchy
Overview of the Area close by
Grocery Stores
Other Businesses
Other sites 
BC assembly points for fire alarms
Swimming Pool
Soccer field
Volley Ball Pitts
National Mall
Walk with the Thunnel's to get bus passes
Saturday, August 26 9:30 AM
Meet Thunnels at their condo and introduce to the neighbors.
Drive to Alexandria King Street Chapel 
Turn over keys to for King St., Columbia Heights, and Stake Center
Show them the teaching station at King Street chapel 
Discuss possible equipment needs
Show Thunnels other areas in Alexandria of interest
Costco, Laundry, Shoppers Grocery Store
Drive to the Stake Center in Silver Springs via Connecticut Ave.
Show them the teaching station(s)
Discuss possible equipment needs
Show Thunnels other areas in Silver Springs of interest
Costco, Safeway(s), Cleaners, IKEA
Return to the Condo
Take the metro to the Longworth Building
Show the Thunnels the teaching station
Demonstrate the equipment
Take the metro to the Columbia Heights Building
Show the Thunnels the teaching station
Demonstrate the equipment
Return to the Condo for the evening
Saturday August 27 9:30 
Begin Barlow Center Training
Passwords on the computers and phones
Train on electronic keying system and programming keys
Lost Keys
Hard Keys
Preparation of key envelopes
Camera security system
Intruder alarm system
Fire Alarm system
Location of vital equipment
Barlow Center Maintenance website
Technical Manual 
Heating and Air-conditioning
Door name tags and mailbox name tags
Dealing with abuse to building 
Ordering diesel for generator 
Insect treatment 
Ordering sheets 
Parking tickets
Snow removal
Scheduling the Building 
Appropriate Activities
Chain of authority
Keeping schedules
Credit Card stewardship
Students welcome packet
Metro information
Ward leaders and arranging ride for first time to church
Rules of the Barlow
Space heaters, fans and extra blankets
Locations for extra bedding
Student end of semester information
Inspect kitchen equipment
Pans, dishes, glasses, silverware, towels, hotpads, small appliances
Organize and arrange kitchen cupboards, Tupperware 
Check out sheet of instructions 
Keep Queen sheets separated laundering in house
How payment works for laundry
Sort sheets
Defrost fridges
Shower curtains
Left over food and detergent
Student apartment inspection and separation of work 
The Scott game end of semester
Order second garbage pick up-Susana
Institute recruitment
Maintaining email lists
How email lists are generated
Weekly notifications
Face to face
Sunday August 28, 9:15 Take Circulator to 16th and K and meet Anthonys for Church
Family Ward
Introduce them to the Bishopric 
How married students get to church
Singles Ward
Introduce them to the Bishopric 
Welcome Class
Ward mission leader
How single students get to Church
Optional: if you want feed students 
Monday August 29, 9:00 Meet the Barlow staff
Public Affairs
Meet with Mike for Round Table
Getting Apartments Ready for students
Name Tags on rooms
Name tags on mail boxes
Actually deliver some of the sheets to rooms
Student arrival schedule
Which ones AA Does
Orientation walk through for the students
Cover information on walk through paper
Program student numbers in phone
Set up email group for students 
Mass Texting program
Facebook for semester
Home Evening, promote institute attendance
World Wide broadcast refreshments
BYU/S&I Pizza Home Evening
Conference refreshments 
Women's meeting
Sunday session
Lunch between sessions 
At Mike's discretion possible Thanksgiving Dinner 
Institute Refreshments or Lunch requirements
Tuesday August 30 AA arrives orientation 
Fire alarm 
Walk through building
Welcome packets and treats place in rooms
Scott arrives and inspects apartments 
Last minute repairs if needed
Wednesday August 31 Welcome interns 
Fresh Baked something for incoming interns
Final questions and concerns
Anthony's get out of the way
This makes me tired to read through this. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday is not a day to rest

Today was packed with three simple thing that took the entire day.
1)Church.  It take five hours to go to Church.
2) Dinner with our interns.  We prepare and feed a group each week.  That takes about three hours.
3) Fireside at the temple. We drove two of our interns out to the, Why I Believe, fireside tonight because it was our mission presidents family final talk.  They complete their mission at the end of the month.  That took four hours.

So that ends our 12 hour day.  But there are noteworthy things that need to be remembered.  This morning on the way to church on the bus we get a text from Lisa with this picture.

That is enough to rip out a grandparents heart.  There she is sleeping with our picture.  Maybe it is time to go home.

Our mission presidents family.  He has been a wonderful mission president.  I know he was called for this time and this place.  Sister Cooke told of his great love for the missionaries.  He has interviewed every missionary every transfer.  He has read and responded to every weekly letter that the missionaries send him.  She figured that he has written 20,000 letters in the three years he has served. Every where he goes he takes his lap top to answer letters and has someone else drive.  She said he has answered every phone call that he was received.  I love our mission song that we sang again tonight.
We have been called to serve in this the chosen land,
We'll be obedient and follow His command.
We'll strive for excellence in all we say and do,
We'll live the words of Christ and preach the gospel true.

Go y therefore, 
And teach all nation,
Testify of Me.
And Lo, 
I'm with you alway, 
To the end of the world. 

While some are called to serve in far off foreign lands,
We're in the capitol established by God's hands.
We'll stand with open arms, all nations flow to us,
Their faith and humble hearts cry out 'in God we trust.'

Go ye therefore,
And teach all nations, 
Testify of me.
And Lo,
I'm with you alway,
To the end of the world. 

I have written that President Cooke always ends his talks to the missionaries with the words Charlie-Mike.  (Continue the mission)  Tonight as he ended his talk he said Mike - Charlie.  (Mission Complete.) 

Yesterday I got an email that Sister Crandall from my first mission to Hawaii died and it was her funeral.  Some of the Elders went and reported that as her coffin was taken out they sang  " Aloha `oe, aloha `oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace,
A ho`i a`e au
Until we meet again"

Evelyn Irene Cockrell Crandall
Evelyn Irene Cockrell Crandall, our beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother, passed away peacefully at her home on June 16, 2016. She was the second child of Janey Edna Exeter and Stanley Arthur Cockrell, born on June 28, 1923, in Pocatello, Idaho. During her early years the family lived in Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah. Evelyn worked as a secretary during WWII then was called in 1946 to serve a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Southern States Mission. Upon her return she was employed with the church in the Administration Office, where she met Robert Earl Crandall. Married May 26, 1949 in the Salt Lake City Temple, they enjoyed over 67 years together. Mother was the heart of her home. Raising seven children, working tirelessly doing all the activities a homemaker of her era did. She served in numerous callings in the Yalecrest Ward including serving as Ward Relief Society President. Evelyn loved art and at the age of 63 obtained a BA degree from the Universty of Utah in Art with an emphasis in painting and drawing. Evelyn served by her husband's side, as secretary for the family business, church and civic responsibilities, mission mother in the Honolulu, Hawaii Mission (1972-1975) and in the Park Stake 10th Ward. She taught her children the meaning of Discipleship. Twenty-five of her children and grandchildren have served full time missions. Despite her recent physical limitations, Mother's strong character helped her succeed to take care of her husband until his death. - 

President and Sister Crandall

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Semester half over

Today was the last day for the YMCA group.  They were so kind to give us thank you notes and backpacks.  We were only over at the Barlow from 11 to 4 with them today.  Then we waited for our new married couple to arrive.  It was good to see the YMCA group had a great experience.

After they left we stayed to wait for a couple of our new students checking in for Summer Semester.  We welcomed in our married couple at 6.  This officially marked the summer semester starting or I should say it marks we are half way through the final semester.

We decided that we needed to go home and take a break.  This has been a long hard week with four night in a row not coming in until 11:00.  So we came home and went for a walk in Georgetown around the beautiful homes.

We passed four different Church but I only took pictures of two of them.  They are right in among the houses in Georgetown. This is a Catholic church. 

This is a Baptist Church.

We had one other student check in after 9 but we let our AA take care of that check in and we crashed.

I am protecting the new chandelier for the lobby in my office.  I will get a picture when it gets hung next week.

The McKinley's leave this coming week.  They have been in charge of the DC youth center that was started two years ago.  After our second semester here they wanted to start an institute class.  We said we would take on the job of teaching.  We will miss the McKinley's.  They have attended all of our class.  He sent out an email to all the priesthood leaders today and copied us on it.

The DC Young Adult Center continues to blossom and mature. Attendance remains high with investigators and non-members at every event. There are lots of new people attending including several from eastern DC.

Last Wednesday June 15th the DC Young Adult Center hosted our weekly Institute in DC class and set a new all time record with 35 in attendance including non-members and less actives. Please see photos of our spirit filled class below.

We are so grateful for the amazing job being done by our awesome Institute instructors, Elder and Sister Anthony and for the tremendous spirit they bring to every class.

We are so grateful for all the support that the Center is receiving. 

Warm regards,

Elder and Sister McKinley
DC Young Adult Center
Washington DC North Mission

I hope we can keep up the attendance when he leaves.  I would hate to be the missionaries following he and his wife.