The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Full Day

It is 10:30 and we just walked into our condo tired and ready to go to bed.  It has been a full day.  It started with a phone call at 7:00.  Lance in public affairs is having a meeting this morning and the conference room is really hot is their away to adjust the room temperature.  Elder Anthony gets into the new system and is able to get the air conditioner set point lowered so the room starts cooling down.  We got our exercise in and reported to our offices.

Susana brought her husbands miter saw in so the chair rail could be repaired.  Elder Anthony insists that he will fix that.

He does a really nice job with a piece of wood that was left over.  In the meantime John from BYU is calling there is something wrong with the condenser on one of the air conditioners.  So they call and schedule a repair man.  Elder Anthony runs up to the roof three time for information.  Then the thing just starts again so we have to call and cancel the repair guy.

We had two boys that mixed up their keys and then one of them lost one.  So Elder Anthony deactivated the lost key and reprogrammed a new one.  But it made the roommates key not work. Because his was the one lost.  Anyway he got that straightened out.

Brother Cottle is having computer problems and Elder Anthony helped him figure out what is wrong with his wireless connection.  We moved the new chandelier into my office to protect it until it can be hung.  Elder Anthony arranges to have the electrician come in and hang and wire the new lights.

In the meantime I am putting in all the graduating senior email address so we can start emailing them to come to institute.  I thought we had a problem with the ward institute class and got that straightened out. I was working out scheduling concerns with the building. I left a little earlier to make cup cake for our class tonight.  24 that should be plenty. We had a record breaking class attendance again.  In fact we had people sitting outside the door.  We are going to have to move the class next week to the chapel.  We had 31 not counting 4 senior missionaries which would have made it 35.  The room was too crowded and too hot.

 We were stuffed in there like sardines.  What a nice honor for all the work Elder McKinley has put into this young adult center.  Oh wait 35 people and only 24 cupcakes.  Elder Anthony and Elder McKinley run to the store close by and buy 24 donuts to go with the cupcakes.  Will we be able to keep this number up?  Will they come back?

In the middle of the class I get a text that one of the girls rooms is too hot.  I tell her that we can't do anything about that until we get home at 10:00. As soon as we get home we run into one of our favorite neighbors while we are talking to her we get a call from Gavin.  He is gathering supplies for Sir Lanka.  I have four boxes of bedding that I am going to clean out.  He calls and tells me he is in the area and can pick up the boxes.  So we go back to the Barlow and get the boxes and he comes by to pick them up.  Elder Anthony makes an adjustment to the girls room to help it cool better.  Then it is time to blog.  It is now 11:00 and we are soooo ready to go to bed.


  1. It's great you have teaching highlights to contrast with all the logistical nightmares in any given day.

  2. Way to go on your class! That is awesome that so many people were in attendance!