The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Good-bye to our Thursday Moms

Today was our last class with our mothers.  School is out in a week and then family vacations.  They always end this class in April but we agreed to teach until their old children were out of school.  It was particularly touching when one of the original mothers that started with us 21 months ago walked in for this last class.  She wrote us a beautiful letter.  We were both in tears as she walked through to the door. I took cinnamon rolls for after class and some of the sisters brought treats for after class and a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the they all wrote in a really nice card. I got some of their pictures.
Kara always came late but she didn't want to miss the class even if it was just the last part. 

Lexie is one of our new mothers.  She has been in the class the past six weeks.  She told me today that she wishes she had known about the class earlier.  

Celia and I have a history.  She went to Timpview High school and even though I didn't have her we have a lot of common connections. 

Ashley has been so faithful.  She missed for about three weeks while she had her baby.

Jessica is another or our faithful attenders.  She has added so much to the class with her comments.  

Ashley has only been a few time but she was in tears when she told me how much they classes she did attend meant to her.  

Karen had a non-member coming to class for a time. 

Debbie is one of the three mothers we started with in our original class.  She has struggled to attend this past year when she had her fourth child.  Her oldest is 4.  She has always brought such a special spirit to class and her desire to learn is incredible.  

Tanner is her second child.  Debbie drove her four year old to pre-school and Tanner told his father that he dreamed he went to toot (institute) and they gave him treats. Debbie's husband called her and said did you tell Tanner you were going to institute today.  Debbie said no he doesn't know we are going.  Her husband said well he dreamed he was going and we did have treats after class.  

Brittany and her twins.  We have watched these two grow up.  They are crawling and will soon be walking.  

Ally is the one that insisted the class go until the kids were out of school.  She has been so supportive of the class.  

Lindsey never misses and one time brought her husband that was home from work that day. 

Kristin is our other mother with twins.  She sees what is ahead by watching Brittany. 

Debbie with three of her four children. 

Chelsey is another of our mothers that had to move before the summer semester started.  Her husband was assigned to China. 
I wanted to get a picture of a couple of the sister that were not there but had to be remembered with this class.  Lydia was the one that got this class started.  She never missed a class.  She and her husband also was assigned to China for his state department work.  She taught me about faith.
This is Lydia's son William.  He really liked Elder Anthony.

Janae was one of the original four sisters in our first classes.  

Amy was one of the original first four Mothers.  

Shaylynn is the only person that has invited us to her home to eat dinner.  she is such a sweet girl.  She always says once a friend of the Tripps always a friend.  

Bri wasn't there today but she always comes I will miss that cute little curly hair blonde girl.  She always wears a dress.  

Desiree came to the class.  She didn't have children and she still came and put up with all the kids.  

These are the flowers they gave us.  I have done well getting flowers this week. I got some on Tuesday night as well for my birthday. 

We picked up our dry cleaning after we socialized with the moms.  We also got our dirty car washed and went out to lunch at the Olive Garden.  Normally we go to Costco for the things we need for dinner on Sunday and to try and find something for Monday.  We didn't have time because we had to get home and start our two hour in the traffic bus ride to go to a teaching appointment with the Elders.  We use to have a young lady in our class on Wednesday's that is now taking the missionary discussions.  Anita's mother comes to that class still and we just recently went to the temple with her mother, Dorthy.  Dorthy has brought her two grandsons to class and they are taking the discussions.  We had a nice visit with them.  Anita is having a hard time with Joseph Smith.  I bore my testimony about Joseph Smith and when the discussion was over one of the Elders said I prayed last night to have my testimony strengthened of Joseph Smith and Sister Anthony's testimony was the answer to that prayer because I felt the spirit.  Anita said I felt the spirit also.  I hope that helps her move forward.  After explaining how I got my testimony I told her that if Joseph isn't a prophet then the Book of Mormon isn't true, the priesthood hasn't been restored, the temple is a sham, I won't be married for eternity, and Pres. Monson isn't a prophet.  Every good thing is my life has come because Joseph is a prophet and restored the gospel with all the power and authority.


  1. It's all these rewards near the end of your service that makes it hard to return home. We were so sad to leave and say goodbye to so many special people in Israel. We didn't know if we would ever see them again.

  2. There are a lot of young children in your mother's class. It's neat to see that impact that you've had on people there.