The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, June 10, 2016

Greg Nolte

Today we had workmen in the Barlow.  Michael when he saw the Barlow was concerned about the Exit signs not being illuminated.  Well Elder Anthony got on that project and today they were replaces.  We also had guys finishing up the crown molding.

Old signs have a nuclear active compound in them and ha to be disposed of in a special manner.

The new exit signs that meets code.

The electrician also finished putting the new lighting in the student rooms.  The best way to show the difference is from these two pictures.

New lighting.

Old lighting  
Late this afternoon Greg Nolte who use to work and travel with Elder Anthony came to town.  He is taking us to a National's  baseball game tomorrow and is stay with us tonight.  We decided to ask if he would take back a suitcase filled with winter coats back to Orem for us.  He agreed.  Greg came in on the train so we checked the bag in at Union Station train area for the day and he will pick it up on his way out tomorrow and fly it home.  Elder Anthony still isn't much for walking so we rode the Circulator bus around the National Mall to see the Monuments from a far.  That is not the best way to see them but he could see some of the town.  I feel like we spent the whole evening on the bus but he got to see a few things.

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  1. Those little improvements make a difference!