The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Lisa

I made the treat for our class tonight.  Last night I baked the brownies.  This morning before we went to the Barlow I made the mint icing and iced them and refrigerated them for the four hours required.  Then  when we came home for dinner I put on the chocolate layer and refrigerated them until time to go to class.  We had another record broken tonight for attendance.  We had 36 there tonight.   We had a surprise when we arrived to teach tonight. Elder and Sister McKinley left on Monday to return home.  They have been over the young adult center in Columbia Heights.  Here was a note addressed to us on the table that we use for teaching.  It said, "Elder and Sister Anthony, Thank you! Thank you for making institute an important and integral part of the DC Young Adult Center.  You are blessing many lives.  Please know we are here in spirit tonight.  Love Elder and Sister McKinley" We will miss them.

We have another big project to conquer that Elder Anthony tried to pass to the next missionaries but Scott is to smart and wants him to implement the new security system with these interns before we go.  It is just being installed.  Elder Anthony will write up the instruction and we will try and work the bugs with this group of interns plus write the instruction for the in coming intern.

Then you deal with the every day problem like furniture that arrives with a broken leg. Now for the hassle of getting that repaired or replace.  Today I also was dealing with our lawn getting grubs and maybe our dish washer at home going out.  I got our lawn company coming out on Tuesday to look at it and spray it.  We will see what happens with the dishwasher that is making noises.

It was fun to talk with Lisa today for her birthday.  Those 38 years have gone really fast.  

I have mentioned before that one of the things we love about DC is getting fresh sea food.  Safeway keeps having sales on their shrimp and salmon and they steam them and seasoning them and bring them home and eat them for dinner.  We have fallen in love with his little routine.  They are on sale again this week.

I got a message back from Brother Norby today on Facebook.  He was the older missionary hurt in the bombing in Belgium.  He is living in Salt Lake right now while they continue the therapy and doctor visits but he says he is feeling better.  


  1. Each entry sounds a little more final these days. :)

  2. The end is near. You're going to be a hard couple to follow, you guys do so much. You are amazing.

  3. 36 is a good size! Way to go! You better eat all the shrimp you can!