The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Life is not Boring

Our mission is interesting.  It is never boring but it varies in different degrees of minutia to complexity.  Today would be one of those days that would bring some break from our routine but we couldn't have anticipated the interesting twists and turns of today.

We began the day with real anticipation knowing that at noon, or thereabout, we would be going with the CES Staff to Baja Fresh to celebrate Sherrie's birthday.   Well before noon arrived our day exploded with a flurry of activity for Sherrie and for me.  Before we even left our apartment, Sherrie got a call from one of our female interns was sick with similar symptoms as an interns we had to help yesterday.  Sherrie gave her the name and address of the urgent care we have been using and asked her to check back in with us.

We arrived at the Barlow Center and within minutes I was outside with the crew that was pouring the final concrete for the parking area on the west side of the building.  Just as their questions were beginning a mechanic from the company that maintains the generator showed up.  He informed me that he was here to meet with the inspector to make sure the elevator was still functional during power outages.  As I went inside again, Susana, our maintenance engineer, told me we had just received a call and the inspector who was supposed to arrive at 9:30 AM would not arrive until 1:30 PM.  (What can I say, it is Washington DC.)  No sooner did I locate the generator mechanic with the bad news than the mechanics from the fire alarm company showed up.  They were instructed to be there for the inspection, also.  I broke the bad news to them and went back to my office.  I met Susana at my office and told her to go home.  She was so sick.  I told her I would handle the inspections without her.  

The minute that Susana left, a BIG, BIG guy showed up at my office and announced himself as the inspector.  He wanted to know where everyone was.  I explained that we had just received a call telling us that he would not be on premises until 1:30.  He said that it was the elevator mechanics (Otis) who could not come until 1:30. He told me to get everyone back.  I quickly ran out back (I don't run very fast anymore) and caught the fire alarm mechanics.  However, the generator mechanic had left but his vehicle was still there.  I headed back in to make a sign for his van and got caught by the concrete crew who had problems with the joints.  Once we got that fixed, I got the sign and put it on the generator mechanics truck.  He did return in about 15 minutes. 
Once everyone was assembled I had to disable the generator alarm, the fire alarm at the circuit box, open the door to the roof and the mechanical room for the elevator which is on the roof and walk the physical plant with the inspector and mechanics.  By the time we got that all done it was about 1:30 and I had a ream of paperwork, invoices, and approvals to sign, however,  the inspector was MAD because the Otis elevator mechanics were still an hour away.  He told me he would just have to reschedule with them at another time and he left.  That was okay with me because I was able to go to lunch with Sherrie.

We had a great lunch at Baja Fresh.  Brother Cottle asked our opinion on setting up the classes in the fall with the new couple (the Thunnels).  It is really hard to give advice when you won't even be there.  
When we arrived back at the Barlow, Sherrie got a call from another female intern who had called earlier.  She had gone to urgent care we had suggested and had come home and taken the prescribed medication in combination.  She was now suffering complications.  Sherrie went up to scope out the problem and soon called Bro. Cottle and me up to give her a blessing - which we did.  

Sherrie and I left immediately for CVS to pickup some heating pads for the boys floor and the girls floor and some ibuprofen.  When we returned Sherrie took the heating up to our most recent supplicant and it was time for us to go home so we could be prepared for our class tonight.  Sherrie made carmel corn.  As usual, it was a big hit and we were really glad because our class tonight was the largest we have ever had at the Holmead building.  

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