The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Nationals Baseball Game

Greg came up from North Carolina where he is visiting his sister to watch her son play baseball on a minor league team.  He came and stayed over night with us just so he could go to the Nationals game today.  He had never see the Nationals play or been in their stadium.  Greg is pretty obsessed with baseball.  The great things is he bought tickets for us to go with him.  He was smart enough to make sure we were in the shade during the game which was wonderful because it was in the 90's today.  I also got my first ever ball park hot dog.  It was a fun day to be with Greg.  We had to make a quick Costco stop this morning for things for dinner tomorrow.  Greg is also taking home our huge suit case for us which is so nice of him because he came packing his things in a small bag.  He is such a great friend.  We stored the bag at the train station and we went back with him until he was ready to leave and we came home.  So it was a full day.

This is Bryce Harper one of the players.  He is fun to watch and is LDS.