The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, June 20, 2016

Orientation Schedule

We were asked by Scott to develop an orientation schedules for our replacements.  Here it is.

Thursday August 25
Meet the Thunnels when they arrive at the parking garage
Show them where their parking is located
Introduce Thunnels to the front desk staff and show them the mail box location
Show them to their apartment
Explain some of the eccentricities of the apartment
Leave some time for the Thunnels to get settled in
Meet with the Thunnels later in the evening
Show them around the building, the gym, swimming pool, the roof top, and  garbage 
Tour of the Barlow Center
Walk to a local restaurant for dinner and information 
Answer questions about the Washington DC North Mission
Overview of the Barlow Center Staff and Hierarchy
Overview of Mission Couple's Responsibilities in regard to the Hierarchy
Overview of the Area close by
Grocery Stores
Other Businesses
Other sites 
BC assembly points for fire alarms
Swimming Pool
Soccer field
Volley Ball Pitts
National Mall
Walk with the Thunnel's to get bus passes
Saturday, August 26 9:30 AM
Meet Thunnels at their condo and introduce to the neighbors.
Drive to Alexandria King Street Chapel 
Turn over keys to for King St., Columbia Heights, and Stake Center
Show them the teaching station at King Street chapel 
Discuss possible equipment needs
Show Thunnels other areas in Alexandria of interest
Costco, Laundry, Shoppers Grocery Store
Drive to the Stake Center in Silver Springs via Connecticut Ave.
Show them the teaching station(s)
Discuss possible equipment needs
Show Thunnels other areas in Silver Springs of interest
Costco, Safeway(s), Cleaners, IKEA
Return to the Condo
Take the metro to the Longworth Building
Show the Thunnels the teaching station
Demonstrate the equipment
Take the metro to the Columbia Heights Building
Show the Thunnels the teaching station
Demonstrate the equipment
Return to the Condo for the evening
Saturday August 27 9:30 
Begin Barlow Center Training
Passwords on the computers and phones
Train on electronic keying system and programming keys
Lost Keys
Hard Keys
Preparation of key envelopes
Camera security system
Intruder alarm system
Fire Alarm system
Location of vital equipment
Barlow Center Maintenance website
Technical Manual 
Heating and Air-conditioning
Door name tags and mailbox name tags
Dealing with abuse to building 
Ordering diesel for generator 
Insect treatment 
Ordering sheets 
Parking tickets
Snow removal
Scheduling the Building 
Appropriate Activities
Chain of authority
Keeping schedules
Credit Card stewardship
Students welcome packet
Metro information
Ward leaders and arranging ride for first time to church
Rules of the Barlow
Space heaters, fans and extra blankets
Locations for extra bedding
Student end of semester information
Inspect kitchen equipment
Pans, dishes, glasses, silverware, towels, hotpads, small appliances
Organize and arrange kitchen cupboards, Tupperware 
Check out sheet of instructions 
Keep Queen sheets separated laundering in house
How payment works for laundry
Sort sheets
Defrost fridges
Shower curtains
Left over food and detergent
Student apartment inspection and separation of work 
The Scott game end of semester
Order second garbage pick up-Susana
Institute recruitment
Maintaining email lists
How email lists are generated
Weekly notifications
Face to face
Sunday August 28, 9:15 Take Circulator to 16th and K and meet Anthonys for Church
Family Ward
Introduce them to the Bishopric 
How married students get to church
Singles Ward
Introduce them to the Bishopric 
Welcome Class
Ward mission leader
How single students get to Church
Optional: if you want feed students 
Monday August 29, 9:00 Meet the Barlow staff
Public Affairs
Meet with Mike for Round Table
Getting Apartments Ready for students
Name Tags on rooms
Name tags on mail boxes
Actually deliver some of the sheets to rooms
Student arrival schedule
Which ones AA Does
Orientation walk through for the students
Cover information on walk through paper
Program student numbers in phone
Set up email group for students 
Mass Texting program
Facebook for semester
Home Evening, promote institute attendance
World Wide broadcast refreshments
BYU/S&I Pizza Home Evening
Conference refreshments 
Women's meeting
Sunday session
Lunch between sessions 
At Mike's discretion possible Thanksgiving Dinner 
Institute Refreshments or Lunch requirements
Tuesday August 30 AA arrives orientation 
Fire alarm 
Walk through building
Welcome packets and treats place in rooms
Scott arrives and inspects apartments 
Last minute repairs if needed
Wednesday August 31 Welcome interns 
Fresh Baked something for incoming interns
Final questions and concerns
Anthony's get out of the way
This makes me tired to read through this. 


  1. And hopefully there won't be any unusual events to interrupt this very tight schedule.

  2. I think they are going to be a little overwhelmed at first...