The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Semester half over

Today was the last day for the YMCA group.  They were so kind to give us thank you notes and backpacks.  We were only over at the Barlow from 11 to 4 with them today.  Then we waited for our new married couple to arrive.  It was good to see the YMCA group had a great experience.

After they left we stayed to wait for a couple of our new students checking in for Summer Semester.  We welcomed in our married couple at 6.  This officially marked the summer semester starting or I should say it marks we are half way through the final semester.

We decided that we needed to go home and take a break.  This has been a long hard week with four night in a row not coming in until 11:00.  So we came home and went for a walk in Georgetown around the beautiful homes.

We passed four different Church but I only took pictures of two of them.  They are right in among the houses in Georgetown. This is a Catholic church. 

This is a Baptist Church.

We had one other student check in after 9 but we let our AA take care of that check in and we crashed.

I am protecting the new chandelier for the lobby in my office.  I will get a picture when it gets hung next week.

The McKinley's leave this coming week.  They have been in charge of the DC youth center that was started two years ago.  After our second semester here they wanted to start an institute class.  We said we would take on the job of teaching.  We will miss the McKinley's.  They have attended all of our class.  He sent out an email to all the priesthood leaders today and copied us on it.

The DC Young Adult Center continues to blossom and mature. Attendance remains high with investigators and non-members at every event. There are lots of new people attending including several from eastern DC.

Last Wednesday June 15th the DC Young Adult Center hosted our weekly Institute in DC class and set a new all time record with 35 in attendance including non-members and less actives. Please see photos of our spirit filled class below.

We are so grateful for the amazing job being done by our awesome Institute instructors, Elder and Sister Anthony and for the tremendous spirit they bring to every class.

We are so grateful for all the support that the Center is receiving. 

Warm regards,

Elder and Sister McKinley
DC Young Adult Center
Washington DC North Mission

I hope we can keep up the attendance when he leaves.  I would hate to be the missionaries following he and his wife.  

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  1. Your class is packed! I would hate to teach after you guys as well!