The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Book of Mormon Saves the Day

Monday morning we were up at 5:30 and ready to catch the bus at 6:10.  We headed to the Dr. so Elder Anthony could get some cortisone shots in his hip.  We are seeing that it isn't just his back giving him problems.  His hip is always painful and the doctor found it was out of place and put it gently back in before giving him the shots he needed.  By the time we had walked back to the bus stop he was feeling better and more able to walk.  In fact we just missed the bus and walked very fast over across the street to the next pick up hoping the red lights would hold the bus up and it did.

We had our regular meeting and left to teach.  We have a young lady in our class from the reservation in New Mexico.  She is Navajo.  That is were Greg served his mission.  He and Joyce would like to go on a mission back to that area. Elder Anthony decided before class that he wanted Greg to talk to our student in her native language.

Just before Elder Anthony hung up Greg told us a miracle story about the Book of Mormon.  Our mission president gave us a really neat book mark for Christmas that said Charlie-Mike and it.  It was in a Book of Mormon with our mission president testimony in the front.  When we sent the bag home with Greg we were a little under the 50 pound limit and Elder Anthony put one of the Book of Mormon's in the front pocket.  When he turned the bag over to Greg he said, in this front pocket is a Book of Mormon if you meet someone you can feel free to give it to them.  Greg rode the train to North Carolina.  When he got to North Carolina he couldn't find the claim ticket for the big bag and the name on the bag is David Anthony.  He tried to convince the man that the bag was his but the man wouldn't give him the bag.  The man finally said if you can tell me what is in this front pocket I will believe the luggage is yours.  Greg said there is a Book of Mormon in the front pocket.  The man unzipped the front pocket of the bag and there was a Book of Mormon.  Then Greg said if you want it you can have it.  The man said I guess this is your bag and gave him the bag but he refused to take the book.  So the Book of Mormon saved the day.  It was a miracle that Elder Anthony just happened to mention that there was a Book of Mormon in the front pocket.

For home evening tonight we drove a couple of the interns down to the volley ball nets next to the Lincoln Memorial with 100 water balloons.  The rest of the group were going to walk but they didn't want to carry them that far.  I hope they had fun because we dropped them off and left.  No parking.

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  1. Wow! You are really lucky that Greg was able to get your bag! It's a good thing Dad told him about the Book of Mormon.