The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bucket List

We are down to just a few things left on the bucket list.  I tried to get tickets for the Marine Parade for Friday night.  They never responded to my email.  So we thought we would get tickets for National Geographic Museum but they were sold out and we had to schedule it for two weeks from now. The Phantom of the Opera is in town but I would have to pay 265.00 for two tickets.  That is a little steep since we have seen it in New York.   We still want to go to a DC United Soccer game.  No game in town this weekend and they want 45.00 dollars for ticket.  I think we will watch them on TV sometime.  We want to go to Williamsburg but next weekend we go to Annapolis with the Senior Missionaries and we didn't want to leave town two weeks in a row.  We had some little suggestion from people we have met of things we should do.  We were told that the Library in Georgetown has a really cool view of the city on the top floor.  So we went there and the top floor was closed but we sat down for a little while and read some magazines and cooled down.  Everyone tells us Bake and Wired has the best cupcakes in town.  So we tried one.

That is a chocolate doom.  They are right that is absolutely the best cupcake I have ever eaten.  Those are homemade for sure.  They use King Arthur Flour.

We were told this shop was a great shop for antiques and jewelry.  All proceeds go to a Christian cause and all the employees are volunteers.  We had a blast looking at jewelry and silver and pictures and all kinds of interesting things.  We found three things that we bought.

1937 Hummel called Heavenly Angel for 5.00

A hummel called Singing Lessons for 16.50

A Lladro Bride and Groom for 48.00 

We stopped at Safeway for a fresh pound of shrimp steamed and seasoned to go in our green salad for dinner.  Hmm.

We got home before the rain and Elder Anthony worked on his lesson and I joined the Family Search Indexing event and did Kentucky marriage certificates.

So our day that started off kind of blocked turned out to be a really nice day.


  1. That cupcake looks amazing! We have a place that makes amazing cupcakes in Rexburg that you'll have to try when you come. I indexed some names on Friday.

  2. Sounds like never a dull moment there! I feel bad you've had so many problems with the air conditioning and especially with how hot its been.
    My dad called me yesterday and wanted to know if we had gotten your book. He had seen them at Costco for $8.99 and picked one up. We had already ordered one in the mail. Cool...your book is at Costco!!
    You're getting close to leaving:( I'm sure its a bitter sweet feeling. You've done an amazing job!!