The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, July 29, 2016

Check Off Check Off

Two more bucket list items done.  We met with the BYU professor early this morning before his class. He is the one we kept going to Belarus Embassy to get his pass port.  He gave us a run down on his trip and then gave us chocolate from his lay over in Belarus with pictures of buildings on.

Chocolate from Belarus. 

He also asked us for help with an activity he is doing next Thursday.  He also invited us to the last day of class next Friday.  He is a really creative teacher.

One of our interns set up for the group a tour of the Pentagon.  That has taken a lot of planning on his part and we went with the group that decided to go.  I was surprised at how few took advantage of his work and planning.  You can't take pictures inside but I got a couple in the visitor center where you wait for your tour.  There is heavy security in the building.  We got to see where the plane flew into the Pentagon and the memorial inside the building to those who died.  We had already seen the memorial outside of the building.

The group that went tot he Pentagon

The five branches of the military are represented. 

Steven set up the tour and made the arrangements

I thought our tour guide looked so sharp and I got her picture before the tour started.  They have to maintain their own uniforms.  I asked how they kept those gloves so white.  Bleach was the answer.  

On the way home we ran into Kimmy our old intern that lives here in DC.  She is the one we have root beer Fridays with.  She was on her way to work but we were all hot and shared a bottle of root beer. It was a new brand that was a salted caramel.  It was really good.     

We had tickets we got two weeks ago for the National Geographic museum.  They have a display on ancient Greece that was really good.  After lunch we headed over there. We were not able to take pictures in the display but we found a few pictures on the internet of things we saw.

This is a death mask.

This crown worn by a woman was made out of gold.  Gold is able to stay in great shape and it looks perfect.  

Alexander the Great

We were both walked out after our double tour day and walking over 4 1/2 miles.  We came home to the cool house and got a chance to work on our last lesson for next week.  That doesn't hardly seem possible.

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  1. You are so lucky that your interns are able to get you in these places!