The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, July 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Crystal

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, Crystal. I like this 4 generation photo because I am 30 years younger than my mother, Crystal is 30 years younger than I am and Amy my granddaughter is 30 years younger than her mother or 90 years younger than her great-grandmother.

Today was a little bit different day.  Elder Anthony and Mike had a meeting this morning together and didn't get back until a little after 12:00.  Mike had a class so I ran across the street and ordered three Subway Sandwiches for him to take when he dropped of Elder Anthony.  It left us just 5 minutes to get ready to go to a teaching appointment with the Elders.  They were teaching Anita today the law of chastity.  They did a great job.  They did a great job of teaching and committing.  Elder Anthony and I had a ball holding her little lbb baby. (Anita's mother taught me that.  lbb stands for little brown baby)  I wish I had gotten a picture but on the way home there was a lady with the cutest little lbb guy.  Elder Anthony was making him laugh and I asked if we could take his picture.  

On the way home we did our shopping for the week to get what we needed for Monday's class and us.  It takes about four hours when we go with the Elders.  But is was a good day and no air-conditioning problems today.

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