The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Our Mission President There Leaves the Mission

Humbly, we pass the keys to "the greatest mission in the history of life" over to our dear new friends, President Steve and Sister Beth Johnson, who will take great care of our fabulous missionaries and create their own era with this extraordinary mission.
Mike-Charlie (i.e, "Mission Complete"). Thank you all for the support!

We will really miss our mission president and his wife.  They have been so wonderful.  They were called for a time such as these.  I am sure our new mission president will also do a wonderful job.  I would hate to try and fill the shoes of Pres. Cooke. 

We also made our holiday treat for our neighbors and hung them on their doors.  We made cookies with M&M.  

We took a plate of cookies to the lady that owns the condo we live in.  We have tried inviting her to dinner and she couldn't make it.  So we decided to take her cookies and meet her.  She was not home but we got to talk to her on the phone quickly and find out were she lives which is just a couple of blocks away from us.  We were able to drop off  a thank you note as well.

Then we decided to go to Safeway and buy a salad to take to the Ward BBQ on the the 4th of July.  While we were there how could be pass up buy another pound of shrimp to eat.  We love them.

There are the pretty hanging baskets again.  

Look at he size of those shrimp. I love how they steam them and season them. 

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  1. You guys are really taking advantage of those shrimp!