The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Run Around Day

It was a run around day.  After working at the Barlow for an hour and a half we started our running around.  Today we used the car. We went once again to the Belarus Embassy and we finally walked out with the visa for Professor Mecham.  Next we headed to the VA for a blood test for Elder Anthony.  We went to the temple next and really enjoyed our session.  Our weekly visit to the temple is a constant joy and so rejuvenating to keep us focus on the important things. It is great to go to the temple before we teach.   By the time the session was over we were starved.  Breakfast was gone by four.  We went and ate.  Next stop Safeway for root beer floats for class tonight.  Before we left the Barlow I took 30 cups for the root beer floats.  I figured that was an optimistic count.   To our surprise the class ended up having 33 in attendance.  That was a high for this class and we were missing 5 of our regular attenders.  This is really a fun class to teach and they enjoy being together.  On the second Tuesday of each month we have to meet in the Relief Society instead of the High Council Room.  So we were all set up tonight in the Relief Society and the Stake President decided they needed the Relief Society Room so we moved to our regular class in the High Council room.  Fun times.

Aren't these cool looking leaves.  


  1. It's awesome to hear that you are consistently having high numbers in your class!