The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Rest of the Story

What happens when you finish the blog and you are ready to get in bed.  Last night I had finished the blog and remembered to turn on my phone and it rang as I turned it on.  Our administrative assistant was on the phone.  We had had a fire alarm go off, the air conditioner had stopped working for 6 rooms and their rooms were up to 89 degrees, and Garrett wanted to know if we had fans.  Elder Anthony was on the computer checking the temperature and calling John at BYU who was monitoring and trying to get a hold of the repair guys from Trane.  ( We now have his personal phone number.) They had tried to come in the evening while we were teaching and couldn't get through to us.  The fire alarm had made it so the institute class being taught had to evacuate until they found out it was a student that burned his dinner.  Elder Anthony was so mad he got dressed and went over at 12:00 and climbed out on the roof and tried to manual reset it but it wouldn't start. He is determined that this is going to get resolved before our replacement come out.  So that is what happened last night after the blog was finished and we were ready to go to bed.

This morning the air conditioner  was going.  The student reported a sound in their room and finally Susana figured out why it was making a noise.  When the Trane guy showed up he fixed that problem but couldn't find out what was wrong with the air conditioner because it is working perfectly again. Elder Anthony was back on the roof and he showed him what to look for if it goes down again.  We also had a Trane rep there to talk to him.  Elder Anthony was so mad last night that he wanted them to replace the unit because it is under warranted.  We also had the electrician in today.  We had a meeting to working out some details on the student that has been in the hospital.

Tonight we taught our class and had a good turn out of 20 students.  The lesson went well and then we stopped at a hotel on our way home to see one of our interns from last summer that is here working at a conference next to the Barlow.  It was fun to see her and talk to her.  Hopefully when I end this entry tonight we can flop into bed.  

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  1. As I said last week, it seems like you guys are always dealing with either air conditioning problems or furnace problems; you never get a break.