The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, August 8, 2016

4 Miles

Today is one of those days that we approached with mixed emotions.  Today, the last of Barlow Intern's left the building.  It was a sad day because we really hate to see them leave.  We have formed such an attachment to so many of them that it is almost like saying goodbye to our own children.  On the other hand, it is a joyous day because it marked the end of one more milestone in our returning home.  It also marks the day when we begin the preparations for the new group of interns that will be coming in in September.  This means that there will be a lot of work ahead of us in the coming days.  

     Today, we collected and bagged all the bedding.  This means that we have to make sure all the bedding has been turned in.  Then we separate the top sheets from the fitted bottom sheets and bag them.  We also start checking all the rooms.  One example illustrates the challenges that come during this process.  We were short one pillow case and because they are numbered we knew who was responsible for it.  Sherrie texted the individual and got a reply that she had put it under her mattress.  Obviously we should have know that that is where you put your pillow case!  Just when we thought we had all the students gone one called from the airport.  Her flight was cancelled and she had no place to go.  She asked if she could come back to the Barlow.  That is a no no but she had no place else to go.  So of course we took her back.  Hopefully she gets out at 7:30 in the morning.  

     Dave started on repairs to the rooms and has already refurbished numerous scratches and one broken towel rack.  He also repaired a hole in the wall and got it painted.  There are many, many more things that need to be done in order to get the rooms ready.  

     All was not work today, however, as we embarked on our "Root Beer" tasting challenge.  Lydia and Elder Anthony brought in new root beers that we have not sampled in the past.  Elder Anthony provided a Hansen's Natural and Lydia found an Eli's Root Beer in Maine that she contributed.  Both root beers were very good but the Eli's was the winner.  Among other ingredients it had wintergreen and anise in it - Delicious.

     Tonight we went to the Relief Society appreciation dinner which was put on by the Elder's Quorum.  It may have been the best dinner we have had since being here in DC.  It was a Brazilian theme and the Elder's Quorum members brought plates of meat to the tables.  We had MANY varieties and they were done perfectly.  Apparently, one of the quorum member's father was a professional cook and it has been a long time since we ate meat done that well and had such a variety.  

     Well, we are home and very tired and so will say good night for now. We also walked over four miles today and we were only working in the Barlow. 

The old cooking unit.  I have cooked many thing on this unit.  

We were up graded.  In the kitchen used to serve from they didn't put in a stove top stove just an oven.  Hopefully this will work better after we get the electrician to put in a special plug. 

Our root beer samples today. 

This was the best ward dinner I have ever been to.  The meat was perfect. 


  1. There is a store here called Rocket Fizz that has a HUGE assortment of soda pop from all over the world and lots of candy. You might look it up in UT when you head home. Someone told me they have one now somewhere. You could continue your root beer sampling.

  2. I want to join your root beer sampling! I had some in Texas when I was with Mike and it was delicious! Your dinner sounds amazing!

  3. Root beer sampling sound fun. The dinner does sound good.