The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Day 3 Training

We finished our 11 hour day. We met up at 9 to go to the DC 3 ward which is the ward our married interns go to. Before the meeting was over we headed to our young adult ward. We got there in time for sacrament meeting. We went to the Welcome class. New people are entering the ward in large groups. After Relief society we had a missionary committee meeting which introduced the Thunells to the missionary committee. Then the Thunells were nice enough to invite us to dinner. They used some of our left over food and brought food for open faced enchiladas. She also made strawberry short cake. We worked over at the Barlow for 45 mimutes while they got the dinner.  We really like the Thunells. We could become best friends. After we took them to meet some of our neighbors. It was a sweet moment to tell them good-bye. We have become good friends. Sally told us how much our gift of the Book of Mormon meant to her. She knew the Book of Mormon was sacred to us and she said she had started reading it. There were a few tears shed. Sally told the Thunells that they were going to have to work hard to replace us. She said no one that had been before us had reached out and become a part of them. She also told them we brought treats to them for every holiday.

We got to the hotel at 8 tonight. Susana called asked us if we could meet the plumber at the Barlow tomorrow at 6:30. Elder Anthony said we will take care of it. He called Elder Thunell to let the plumber in the building at 6:30. We are a couple of miles away from the Barlow. We no longer live across the street. It was a day filled with good-byes.

Elder and Sister Thunell. 

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