The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, August 1, 2016

Last Teaching Week

It was a little emotional today when we headed up to Capitol Hill to teach our last class up there.  It was very rewarding to have 16 students come.  We have never had more than 13 our whole mission but there were a few extra that came out to tell us good-bye.  The two that we started with were both there to day good-bye.  

Unknown to us Terry arranged to give us a picture and have our students sign it on the mat.

On the way in we went  pass a girl that lit up when she saw us.  She said are you full time missionaries.  We said yes.  She said you remind me of my grandparents they are missionaries.  Elder Anthony asked her why she hadn't been coming to our class.  She said I am not a Mormon anymore.  He said that is okay you can still come.  She started to get agitated so I quickly said I am glad we reminded you of your grandparents.  I hope you have happy memories.  We took in cinnamon rolls and took some to the office that helps arrange our room.  They were so nice to us and we wanted to thank them.  They scheduled the room for our next semester but we won't be here.  But that is great

We pass Old Ebbitt Grill every time we come home from teaching on Monday.  We have kept saying on our last class we will stop and eat lunch there.  It is a little pricey but we figured lunch would be the best. The Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington's oldest saloon, was founded in 1856 when, according to legend, innkeeper William E. Ebbitt bought a boarding house.  As a boarding house, the Ebbitt guest list read like a Who's Who of American History. President McKinley is said to have lived there during his tenure in Congress, and Presidents Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt and Warren Harding supposedly refreshed themselves at its stand-around bar. Each table in the Ebbitt was graced by a blue history card that read: "Many other famous statesmen, naval and military heroes, too numerous to mention here, have been guests of the house." Old Ebbitt became Washington's first known saloon.

The lunch was fantastic.  It was so good.  It was lunch but they were still full.  I can see why it is such a popular place.

Old Ebbitts Grill 
We came back and spent a couple more hours at the Barlow.  I closed out that class and did the grade book.

Tonight for Home Evening we did our Barlow missionary experience which we do each semester. Our mission leader came to us and asked for any ideas.  It came to me that we should advertise the Philadelphia open house or the Washington Temple visitor center.   Our Barlow mission leader designed temple card to advertise the Philadelphia temple open house and or the Washington Temple visitor center.  They were professionally printed.  We all had five cards to pass out.

This turned out really nice. There is a temple on each side. 

I think one guy I gave one of my cards to is going to go.  He told me he would be in Philadelphia in two weeks and he would go.  We had a more people show up from the ward to help out than we had Barlow interns show up.  But there was a nice group out.