The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, August 22, 2016

Lunch with Karmen

Our neighbor Karmen took us to a really nice place for lunch.  It was fun to sit and talk with her.  We spent about 3 and half hours with her. It is heart warming to be with good friend. We are working on a final gift to our closest neighbors.  We are going to give them a Book of Mormon with this note.

As we leave this beautiful area and the wonderful people we have met we want express our gratitude to you for being so accepting of us and letting us into your life.  It will be hard to leave our little world and community on the fourth floor.  There is a special peace that comes from knowing that you have people that care on the other side of the hallway.  
As we leave we want to give you a small gift.  This is not an attempt to proselyte you.  This book is a sacred text to us.  We hope you accept it as a reminder of us.  When you see it you might remember who we were, why we came, and what makes us tick.  To us this book sits hand in hand with the Holy Bible, a book we love and treasure as well.  The Book of Mormon is a second witness of Jesus Christ and substantiates the Bible’s truthfulness.  It encourages us to try and be more Christ like.  We hope you will accept it as a token of our friendship and love.  Dave and Sherrie Anthony

I will bring home the Book of Mormons and wrap them to give away.

We also worked on getting the new students names on doors, mailboxes, email groups, and out to those that need student list.


  1. That is a nice note and shouldn't offend anyone. You are loved!

  2. Your note sounds perfect! I hope they receive it well!