The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, August 18, 2016


I will miss our new neighbors. We are surrounded by really good people.  People you like to be with. Last night our 94 year old neighbor took us to dinner.  It was great to spend time with her.  She is one of the most stimulating ladies.  She is a triplet and she has worked her whole life as a very successful business woman.  Her mind is as sharp as they come.  She and Elder Anthony love to talk about business type things.  She shares her weekly magazines with Elder Anthony and he shares part of his Wall Street Journal and his Forbes magazine with her.  They will talk about different articles.  Lilley is a sharp dressers and always looks fantastic.

The neighbor across the hall that had the brunch for us came over the other day just to talk.  She does that every once in a while just comes over to talk.  Not very long just to catch up.  She came the other day to offer to let us live with her when the new missionaries come.  She said I have an extra room if you want to stay with me.  We explained that our mission would pay for our hotel and she was glad that we were taken care of.  Bev is a very devoted Christian.  She is such a good lady.

We have another neighbor that scheduled a time tonight to come and just talk.  She if fascinating. She has brought us treats from around the world.  She is an interpreter and has traveled the world and worked with the most interesting people and done the most interesting things.  She is very religious and goes to mass often.  She wants to meet up on Monday afternoon and go to lunch before we leave.  Carmen was born is Frances and has the nicest accent.  

Sally is trying to get  people excited about getting together and meeting the new missionaries.  I am not sure they are going to be able to pull that off but we have told them we will bring the Thunells over and introduce them.  What good people we have around us.  It has been fun to get to know them. The idea that came to me to take them treats for each holiday has paid off in breaking down doors and becoming good friends.

We are also good friends to Rick and Malissa and Ann and Tim and Jeri.  Tim has two dogs and one died recently of bladder cancer.  He really wanted to tell us about it and we were able to help him in his need to talk and mourn.  He always looks for us. The rest of the neighbors are very polite to us.  

We are just about done with our work around the Barlow.  The deep cleaners come in next week.  I worked on updating the email lists and the forms we use for the interns.  We will start getting things ready to greet the new batch of students.   I hope we soon get their names.  

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  1. I would imagine you are the only missionaries who have made an effort to reach out to the neighbors in your building. I hope the Thunnells will continue to befriend your neighbors.