The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Next Step

The teaching part of our mission is over.  We taught our final lesson tonight.  We had 29 people out tonight.  I made cinnamon and orange rolls for the third day in a row.  We turned in our keys to the stake center and cleaned out our car trunk because we took back the projector that has resided there for two years and the cords.  We used that projector for our Stake class on Tuesday and our Mothers class on Thursday mornings.  We are now ready to start checking students out on Friday.  That job will be completed on Monday.  We had two of our old Barlow students come to our class tonight because they heard it was our last lesson.  We use to teach them last summer.  We already had two of Barlow students that have been attending the class all semester.  So we got a picture together.

Our last summer Barlow students together again.

Third day in a row making cinnamon and orange rolls.  We have had 82 people that we have taught this week and given rolls to.

I would say that one of our most important accomplishments has been recruiting students for institute.  When we arrive we taught three classes and between all three we were lucky to have 13 students.  During the summer semester we taught three class and had 82 students this week. Two of these classes we started  brand new from just a handful of students.   If we added in our mothers class that is not taught in the summer we would have 100 students.  We feel this is one of the biggest blessings that we have been give.  It has taken both of us tracking down student and inviting and inviting.  Add to that tons of emails, and texts.  It has been a rewarding week to see the accumulation of our hard work.


  1. I'm wondering if when you get home your going to take a "non baking vacation"? That's great you've had so many students come since you've arrived. Hopefully they'll keep coming with the new couple who come.
    Next week Russ and I are going to watch Lindsey's kids while her and Tyrel go to the Philadelphia temple open house. That is where Tyrel went and his mission and they are excited to go.
    Best of luck on your last few weeks:)

  2. It's a good thing I made cinnamon rolls tonight or I would be drooling over yours tonight.

  3. You've done a lot of baking and cooking for people.