The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Out of the Blue

IJust out of the blue I had two of the nicest experiences today. I recieved this special email. 
Hi Sis Anthony,
My name is Sherry Bateman from Vancouver BC, Canada and
I hope you do not mind my contacting you at this address.  I have been following your blog and wanted to send you a personal note of thanks.  Our daughter Sis Kalicia Bateman is currently serving in that mission.  She arrived in early May and is in the Glenmont area (Spanish speaking) so you have likely not run into her, but once I knew what mission she was assigned to I was so happy to find your blog.  Thank you for sharing your experiences on a daily basis. I have so enjoyed seeing the wonderful pictures and reading about your inspiring and interesting experiences.  (Sorry that it is coming to an end!) It is apparent that you have loved your mission and loved those you have served.  We are so happy that our daughter has an opportunity to serve in that mission, she loves it.
I hope that your journey home is safe and wonderful.
Again, many thanks
That just made my day. Then to top it off our good friend and Elder Anthony work coleague Linda called us.  She has been reading our bog and wanted to tell us how much fun she has had following our adventures.  That almost made writing every night worth it to know that others found joy in our escapades. 

We rode the bus up to Elder Anthony's last doctors appointment with the pain doctor. He got one more cortisone shot today in his shoulder. We will be transferring his records home. On the way we walk through part of Friendship Heights.  They have such a nice street and beautiful flower pots. I took pictures but I can't figure out how to post them on my I-Pad. We don't have Internet tonight so I am using my data. This afternoon we had visitors. One of our old students stopped by, the Elders came and Elder Rowlee had a greenie from Timpview. I didn't teach him but I knew some of his friends and then our root beer group got together. So I didn't get much done this afternoon but play.  We did some laundry tonight and packed about everything up. We move out tomorrow.  I have been kind of sad this evening. A wonderful time of our life is about to change. There is a little sad cloud hovering over my head tonigh. After tonight things will not be the same. It won't really be our mission anymore.

  I have our Book of Mormons ready to hand out in the morning. 

Gorgeous flower pots in Friendship Heights.

Root beer tasting today.  Brownie root beer is wonderful. 
Book of Mormon ready to go to our neighbors.


  1. Yes, once your replacements arrive, you realize your calling is ending for sure. You've had a wonderful mission and should feel great joy in all that has been accomplished.

  2. I think more people are reading your blog than you realize...

  3. I have read all of your posts. Sometimes I get behind but I end up reading everything even if it takes me a long time. I guess I need to comment more often

  4. I have read all of your posts. Sometimes I get behind but I end up reading everything even if it takes me a long time. I guess I need to comment more often

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  6. Maybe this is why I don comment. I am getting computer dumb. Also, if it helps with that blue mood we are anxiously waiting to see you to introduce you to your new grand baby