The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Each semester you have to reshuffling things.  You find a pan in one kitchen and the lid on a different floor in the other kitchen.  One kitchen has two mixers and the other has two cookie sheets.  You find things all over.  Then there is sorting Tupperware.  You always end up with pieces that have no lid or no bottom.

All those things on the table and in the basket have to go somewhere else. 
Then I scrubbed a lot of pans today.  I can't believe how our interns can't take care of really good pan.  I can resurrection them again but it takes a lot of elbow grease.  It would be so much easier to clean them when they first do the mess.  

After it has been cleaned.

I wasn't sure I could resurrect this pan.  But I got it cleaned. 

We also got a new hot plate to cook on in the kitchen that we use.  We waited a year to get it.  I will never get to use it but it is installed. We had to an electrician put in a new plug for this new unit.  

We found this little surprise today.  Spots on the wall from someone using something sticky to put up pictures.  It took acetone to get the sticky off which melted the paint which meant the wall had to be prepared and repainted.  Elder Anthony was not a happy camper.  


  1. How did you resurrect that pan??? I have it's twin and I've tried everything...
    Glad there are people like you in the world taking care of these details. What about writing numbers on gear with sharpies? "Room 203" our whatever? Sorry about the wall.

  2. Unfortunately, I haven't met many renters that care well for things. It's amazing that you got those pans clean.

  3. That is amazing that you got those pans clean! That would be annoying moving everything around and trying to find the lids/bottoms to everything.