The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Strange Day

This was the start of the day.

It rained really hard last night and apparently we have a leak in the roof.  What a mess.  Susana and I carried out the mattress to throw in the garbage and it was so full of water I couldn't believe how much water it had absorbed.   They had a couple of roofers out this afternoon in case it rains again tonight but they have to come back and do something else to make it a more permanent repair.

I was trying to clean the irons that have sticky stuff on.  I read that you could use salt.  Turn on the iron and iron salt. That was not really successful.  Then someone told me to turn on the iron and rub a candle on it and iron newspaper.  I set off the firer alarms and we had to call and stop the fire trucks. That gets everyone in the building on alert.  I went outside to finish the experiment.  It did a fair job but the irons smoked for so long.  I had to go stay outside until they finally stopped smoking.

We got all the bedding back from the laundry and I shorted it and got it ready to go in the rooms.  I ended up with four bottom sheets over and no top sheets.  How is that possible.  I kept thinking I had put two top sheets together but I couldn't find an error in my sorting. Plus we had a pillow slip lost.  We thought we had two lost but one girl told us to look under her mattress. Sure enough it was there.  That is a strange place to put it.  

We got a strange call today.  A man called from North Marlborough Maryland.  He had driven his truck to North Caroline to a furniture place to pick up a stand for his TV. When he got home he opened the box and he had credenza instead of a TV stand.  He looked all over the box and found a label that said Barlow Center in Washington.  So he did some research and found the telephone number to us.  He had called the company and they said you signed for it so it is yours.  That furniture company had tried to deliver the credenza for our foyer but the top was broken so we rejected it and we have been waiting for it to come back.  This guy is mad enough that he is thinking of suing the furniture company.  Elder Anthony decided to let BYU decide how they are going to get it to us from this guys house and to see if they could influence the furniture company to get his TV stand.


  1. Oh my! I hope they get that leak fixed quickly!

  2. That's sounds like a not so fun day.