The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The End

I feel like we have been leaving for over a month.  Our Friday root beer group got together for one last root beer tasting. We had 5 bottles left. We are getting pretty fussy.  It has been a fun event to keep things fun and interesting.

I had several things that needed to be done today. Probably the most important was to get a treat made for the incoming students. I needed to make sure they had the walk through down and we needed to call President Roberts. When I went to start on the cookies I didn't have the butter so one more trip to Trader Joes.

On the way back to the Barlow I realized we had forgotten to call Pres. Roberts.  We were about 20 min late calling. The number we had been given was his office. His secretary answered and said he had gone to Germany to the rededication of the Temple. We tried his cell phone but no answer so I think he forgot. So we will continue to were our name tags until we are released. I don't feel you can release yourself.  I had purchased box mixes so we could make the treats quickly. They were pretty good but the four boxes didn't make as many as I would have liked.

We needed to do our last little bit of laundry before hitting the road. We pretty much were on the run all day. We also oriented the AA. By 3 it was time for us to get out of the way. You come to realize that your training is done and the mantel has been lifted and people are ready for you to leave and let the new guys on the block blossom without you hovering. So we just left. The Thunells were busy and we didn't want a lot of good-byes. We hadn't been gone for 35 min. Before Elder Thunell called the front security panel had gone out. We were not very far from the Barlow so we came back. Elder Anthony tried but he couldn't get it going either.

We were able to tell the Thunells good-bye and we took off again. We went to an expensive restaurant to finish using the gift card Andy Johns had given us. We ate and walked the couple of miles back to the hotel for our last stroll through the city hand in hand. Washington we are going to miss you.

Here is a small sample of the root beers we have tried including the five today. Brownie is our favorite.


  1. Some how you need to keep this tradition going.

  2. You should have brought some of your favorites home for us to try!